May 29, 2022

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Marina Ovsyannikova, Russian TV Demonstrator, Condemns Putin’s Propaganda | Ukraine

Russian TV editor who News broadcast stopped In protest of the Ukraine war, she said on Sunday that she acted out of dissatisfaction with propaganda spread by Vladimir Putin’s government, and said she had rejected an offer of asylum in France despite her fears of further retaliation.

It was Marina Ovsyannikova, who describes herself as a “patriot” A fine of 30,000 rubles ($280) by a Moscow court last week for an act of “spontaneous” rebellion in which she appeared during a live newscast with a sign saying “No to war.”

On Sunday, she told ABC This Week she needed to speak up after watching her employer, Channel One, spread “lies” about Ukraine war.

“After a week of covering this situation, the atmosphere on the channel was so unpleasant that I realized I couldn’t go back there,” she said. “I could actually see what was happening in Ukraine. And what we showed on our shows was completely different from what was happening in reality.”

She said that the knowledge the channel was conveying with false information ate her up.

I couldn’t believe that something like this could happen, that such a horrific war could happen. And once the war started, I couldn’t eat. I could not sleep ”, adding that she was thinking of joining the public protests in Moscow.

“I could see the security dragging people away…and I decided that this would be a useless act on my part. Perhaps I could do something more meaningful, with greater effect, where I could show the rest of the world that the Russians are against war.”

“And I can show the Russian people that this is just propaganda, expose this propaganda for what it is and perhaps motivate some people to speak out against the war.”

Ovsianikova, who may face further action after the Kremlin suggested she had violated “riot” rules, said French President Emmanuel Macron had offered her asylum but she had refused it.

“I am very concerned for the safety of my children, first of all. I am very grateful to Macron for his offer, but I have publicly refused to be granted political asylum in France because I am a patriot.”

“I want to live in Russia. My children want to live in Russia. We had a very comfortable life in Russia. I don’t want to emigrate and lose another 10 years of my life to integrate in another country.

And now I believe in my own history. Times are very dark and very difficult, and every person with a civic position who wishes to reveal this civic position must speak up.”

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