June 2, 2023

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Meet the clever thief cat who only steals women’s lacey underwear

There are so many wonderful moments in the world. Some things are incredibly unique. Have you ever seen a thief cat? If not, today we are going to tell you about a talented thief cat. This cat does not steal at all. This is special. This cat’s eyes are only on special things. Telling you this cat’s theft list will make you laugh too.

Kait, a cat living in Christchurch, New Zealand, has been stealing for the past three years. It steals special items. This includes everything from drugs to women’s lace bras. According to The Guardian, the cat roams the area and steals items from homes. The whole town has now come to know about this thief.

The owner is heartbroken by the theft

Kate’s owners, David and Jeanie Rambold, kept a box outside their home. All stolen items are returned. Thus people can come and go with their belongings. Arrested people bring drugs from homes and steal women’s underwear. Even in underwear, she steals underwear with lace. In an interview on the website Stuff, Kate said owners would have been better off if their cat had stolen the diamonds and jewelry. But his focus is on drugs and underwear.

Thief cat

Started stealing three years ago (note)

David and Jeanie Rambold’s cat had a habit of stealing three years ago. Guy even catches fish from a nearby pond and hides it at home. Its owners have two boxes outside their home. In these boxes, Kath stole items. The owners of the kit once said that their cat had brought a person’s branded shoe. This shoe weighed more than Kate. Nowadays people are talking a lot about this stolen cat.

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