March 27, 2023

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Minor symptoms, not included in hospital: Physician who warned of Omigran variation

New Delhi:

New corona virus worldwide Variation Omicron (Omicron) There is excitement about. But after the discovery of this variant in South Africa, Dr. Angelique Coates warned everyone that so far only minor symptoms have been found in those affected by this variant, none of whom have been hospitalized. Cases of this variant have been found in young people, and they have not yet changed drastically, the doctor says. He does not need oxygen or ICU. The Omigran variant was first diagnosed in South Africa, but patients with the disease have symptoms similar to those seen in cases of delta variation.

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Speaking to NDTV, Coetzee said patients suffering from such a variant reported minor symptoms of fatigue and body aches. But there were no complaints of nasal congestion and high fever. Kotzi is the president of the South African Medical Association. He said people should not be afraid of this variation. Anyone suspected of having Omigran disease should contact a doctor immediately.

These symptoms also gradually correct themselves. Kotzi said he can confidently say that the Omigron delta is as contagious as the variant. He said, “We have no doubt that this variant is highly contagious. But it’s hard for me to say it’s worse than Delta. Scientists can best say this. It is a well known fact that it is more contagious and more common than beta variant.

We will know in two weeks whether the vaccine will penetrate the immune system or not, ”he said. Will it cause re-infection and how effective is its treatment? Currently, no oxygen or ICU is required in such cases. But you will soon get an idea of ​​how many of the victims should be hospitalized.

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