January 27, 2023

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More than 200 people have been killed in a robbery in northern Nigeria

Release Date: | Sunday, 09 January 2022 05:47 PM (IST)

Nigeria Attack: Pirates have created terror in the northwestern part of Nigeria, Jamfra. Here the gunmen killed 200 people. Last week, the army launched airstrikes on militant hideouts. Whose change was taken from ordinary citizens by bandits. The state government says 58 people have been killed. But villagers who returned from the funeral say more than 200 were killed.

More than 300 gunmen attacked

According to local media, the army on Monday attacked several targets in Jumfra’s Kusami forest and the village of West Smarae. Many of the robbers were killed. After this, on Tuesday, more than 300 gunmen on motorcycles attacked eight villages and opened fire. On Wednesday and Thursday, thugs attacked ten villages in the districts of Anka and Bukuyum. People were roasted by bullets and houses were set on fire.

Kill whoever comes

Bababandi Hamidu, a resident, said the attackers shot and killed those who came in front. Hamid said more than 140 were buried. And many more are missing. In a statement on Saturday, President Mohammed Buhari said the army had acquired several pieces of equipment to monitor and eliminate the mob. Because of this crisis, people are forced to live in fear. He added that there was pressure in our army after people were killed. However, the government will not stop military operations to eliminate the armed gangs.

Posted by: Silenthra Kumar

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