March 28, 2023

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Mother and son were running a brothel in their home, minor girls were summoned – mother and son were accused of running a brothel in their home!

The police arrested the woman who ran the brothel and her son. He turned his own house into a brothel. Another woman who used to work as a prostitute here revealed this matter. He told the police that he only pays for condoms that he uses during the day. The case is in Florida, USA. The mother and son were arrested when the police registered a case on the complaint and conducted an investigation. It is said that 15-year-old girls were also used in this work.

The New York Post reports that detectives learned that 28-year-old Glyn Yan Zuniga Latina was running a brothel with her 52-year-old mother, Amparo Latina Parillas. Ambaro used to pay by sitting at the door. People who come here are given a card in exchange for $50. After this, he used to select commercial prostitutes and visit the rooms. Investigators found a prostitute who said she was told to work three days a week and get $25 for each client, but got nothing, only money for condoms.

Daily deposits were made in the bank

It was the woman who told investigators that the mother and son ran another brothel. When the police checked their bank details, it was found that they had no other income. They earn in brothels. Money was deposited into the bank account daily. Now this mother and son will have to face charges of making money from prostitution and turning the house into a brothel.