October 2, 2022

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Mysterious Pink Light Spotted In US Skies, Name Steve – Pink Light Steve Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Acceleration Found In North America tstr

Highlights of the story

  • It’s not the northern lights that form at the poles
  • Scientists are looking for the reason for its appearance

Recently the sky has turned pink in North America. A bright ray of pink light in the starry sky. Stargazers videotaped and photographed it. When you look at it, it appears as the northern lights i.e. aurora. But it was not so.

This pink wave of light emanated from supersonic speeds in the American sky. (Photo: NASA)

This natural wonder was seen in the skies over North America and southern Canada last Sunday. At first, scientists thought these were the Northern Lights. But it was not so. This magical scene is actually called Steve. whose full name is strong thermal emission velocity expansion.

Steve is usually a bright wave of pink light. A green light is seen forming around it. Unlike the northern lights, they are not formed by charged particles from solar storms. Scientists are still unable to understand the process of their formation. The light that shines in the sky is divided into two types. First- Airglow and second Aurora.

Usually such pink light is seen in polar lights i.e. aurora or northern lights.  (Photo: NASA)
Usually such pink light is seen in polar lights i.e. aurora or northern lights. (Photo: NASA)

Aurora is usually seen only in polar regions. But Steve falls into neither of these categories. This light is a mystery to scientists. Sometimes it forms outside the aurora zone. Its behavior is similar to aurora ie Northern Lights. But it wasn’t Aurora. Only scientists know that the ions in STEVE move at supersonic speeds. They are usually pink in color. The green light around them keeps getting worse.

Steve was never discovered by any scientist. Instead, people did. Around 2015-16, some people on Facebook first saw a vertical aurora-like light. After this, citizen scientists fell behind such lights. Great scientists also started researching this. But scientists have so far been unable to figure out how this light travels through the ionosphere. Understanding this also shows how it affects radio communication and GPS.

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