May 25, 2022

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Narendra Modi in Omigran variant | International flights will not start from December 15 | The ban was extended due to the Omicron variant, prompting Prime Minister Modi to reconsider

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  • Narendra Modi in Omigran variant | International flights will not be launched from December 15

New Delhi20 minutes ago

The decision to launch international flights from December 15 has been postponed in view of the threat posed by Omigron, a new variant of the Kovit-19 virus. Currently, the decision to operate international flights from December 15 has been put on hold, the Air Traffic Regulatory Authority (DGCA) said on Wednesday. The new date will be announced soon. This decision was made due to Omicron.

Earlier, on November 27, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a review meeting on Omigron. In it, he was asked to consider the decision to start the first international tour on December 15th. The Prime Minister also spoke about the strict monitoring of foreigners.

International flights are banned for 619 days
The government has banned international flights for about 619 days. Last year, international flights were banned on March 22, 3 days before the corona lock. The announcement to end the ban was made on November 26 this year. It was said that regular international flights will start from December 15 to 14 except for 14 countries. However, England, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, South Africa, Brazil, China, Mauritius, Singapore, Bangladesh, Botswana, Zimbabwe and New Zealand are excluded from the list.

Government issues new guidelines on Omicron: RT-PCR required for travelers from ‘endangered’ countries

Why is the omega-3 variant of the corona dangerous?
Omigron, the new variant of the Govit-19 virus, is changing rapidly. Since Omicron has 50 mutations so far, this new variant is said to be far more dangerous than the delta that wreaked havoc around the world a few months ago.

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The WHO puts this in the category of Variation of Anxiety. There are 30 mutations in its spike protein. In fact, spike protein opens the way for viruses to enter human cells. The vaccine prepares the body to fight against spike protein by producing antibodies against it.

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