June 25, 2022

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NASA astronaut drifted into space completely unrestricted in ‘terrifying’ moment

NASA astronaut drifted into space completely unrestricted in 'terrifying' moment

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) often makes headlines for its unique social media uploads. A photo of astronaut Bruce McCandless II taken nearly four decades ago, in February 1984, caught everyone’s attention. In the now viral image, Bruce McCandless II can be seen floating completely in space, far from the safety of the Space Shuttle. The photo was taken when the astronaut had to eject from the Space Shuttle Challenger in order to train for a satellite repair mission. The photo represents a special achievement because it was the first time an astronaut had walked in the dark void of space while away from the spacecraft.

McCandless II cruised 170 miles (273.5 kilometers) above the Earth’s surface, and was kept alive with the help of a manned maneuvering unit.

The stunning image was shared on Twitter by a popular science page, Curiosity. Sharing the long-lost image, Page wrote, “Perhaps the most terrifying space image yet. Astronaut Bruce McCandless II is floating completely unrestricted, far from the safety of the Space Shuttle, carrying nothing but a manned maneuvering unit that keeps him alive.” The first person in history to do so. Credit: NASA”

The photo garnered more than 1.61 lakh likes in just one day, as well as more than 21,000 retweets. The photo has broken into the Internet. Re-sharing the photo, one user wrote, “There is nothing in this universe that would make me think of doing this,” while another wrote, “I find it hard to believe this photo..” Some also questioned the authenticity of an image. A third wrote, “It seems to me that the photo flops a lot, do you really think this photo is real?”

About Bruce McCandless II

During his first two space shuttle missions, McCandless completed the first unrestricted spacewalk using a manned maneuvering unit.

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Curiosity wrote on its Facebook address, “All information provided in our videos has been collected from reliable sources and has gone through an extensive vetting process to ensure complete accuracy to ensure only updated and correct information is transmitted.”

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