June 6, 2023

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NASA wants to get rid of its moon dust-fed cockroaches

Highlights of the story

  • The moon was brought to Earth from the Apollo 11 mission
  • In one experiment, soil cockroaches were fed.

Rare items were auctioned off at an auction center in Boston earlier this month. The special model was put up for sale. Now NASA wants to stop this auction. NASA claims that the items put up for auction belong to the federal government.

Here we talk about the remnants of moon soil-eating cockroaches brought from the Apollo 11 mission. Let me tell you – when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first set foot on the moon in 1969, they were on their way back. நிலா They had brought soil from there. 21.6 kg of soil was brought to Earth from the moon.

Scientists have conducted several experiments with soil brought from the moon (Photo: NASA)

Here scientists conducted several experiments from this soil. In an experiment, நிலா The soil was fed to cockroaches. By providing soil for cockroaches, efforts are being made to determine if there are any pathogens on the moon’s soil, which could threaten life on Earth.

Remnants of lunar soil and cockroach slides from an experiment conducted by Dr. Marion Brooks in 1970 have been put up for auction. It is said that they should not be put up for auction as they are still NASA property.

Moon feeds on earthworms (Photo: NASA)

NASA wrote in a letter to the RR auction, ‘All Apollo models in this collection belong to NASA and will not be allowed for any use by any person, university or other organization after they have been analyzed or destroyed. , In particular they are not allowed to be in possession for sale.

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He further wrote that we request you to look at Apollo 11’s lunar soil test (lunar soil test).CockroachSlides and test specifications) Stop any auction immediately.

In 2010, Dr. Brooks’ daughter sold these items. Someone else has put them up for auction to sell them once again. In a second letter dated June 22, a NASA attorney asked the auction house and the current owner of the model to return the model to the federal government.