June 29, 2022

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New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinta Arden is cold as a 5.9 magnitude earthquake interrupts a press conference Prime Minister Arden is speaking to the media; Then there was a strong earthquake, but the presentation continued

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  • 5.9 magnitude earthquake interrupts New Zealand PM Jacinta Artern press conference

Wellington5 hours ago

During a press conference in New Zealand on Friday, Prime Minister Jacinta Arden shocked everyone with a magnitude 5.9 earthquake. However, despite the quake, Prime Minister Arden continued to speak to the media without interrupting the press conference. The Prime Minister’s reaction to the earthquake is going viral on social media.

The focus was removed by claiming a small deviation from the quake
Prime Minister Jacinta presented the vaccination certificate in Wellington on Friday. The media event was televised live. Meanwhile, he suddenly gave a shocking reaction to the earthquake, but then with a slight smile he tried to prevent the earthquake from spreading among the journalists in the hall.

Instead of stopping the press conference, he looks at the mic and smiles and says, oh, sorry for this “little distraction”, will you continue to ask questions? After saying this, he started the event ahead.

The epicenter was reported at a depth of 210 km
The quake measured 5.9 on the Richter scale, according to the New Zealand seismologist Geonet. The epicenter was reported at 210 km below the center of the northern island, but the epicenter was reported below the epicenter in Christchurch. The company said there was no damage from the quake.

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