March 27, 2023

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News of the Russia-Ukraine war: Joe Biden, News of Vladimir Putin: Frenetic last-minute attempts to prevent an invasion as Russian tanks are reportedly rolling towards the Ukrainian border: Russia-Ukraine last-ditch effort to avoid war, Biden ready to meet Putin at any time

Russia-Ukraine crisis: War between Russia and UkraineRussia-Ukraine war) Seems almost constant. Last-ditch efforts are underway to avoid it. US President Joe Biden meets with his National Security Council. President Biden did this amid reports that Russian armored guns were moving towards the Ukrainian border. US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen has said that Biden is ready to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin at any time to end the war. Blinken is said to be on the brink of war.

The news that Russian armored artillery and heavy vehicles are moving towards the Ukrainian border has added to their fears that Western nations may attack Ukraine at any time. The British daily Daily Mail reported that the guns had the letter ‘Z’ in English on them. It has the potential to reflect his character. Not only on artillery, but also on guns, fuel trucks, supply vehicles, etc., the letter ‘Z’ is written with paint. According to the report, the artillery and the convoy were found in Belgorod.

About 200 Russian military vehicles have the word ‘Z’ written on them and appear to have been hastily painted. It is believed that this military unit has been given a plan for its mission and future.

Russian tanks: Putin launches ‘Operation Z’, Russian tanks and artillery move towards Ukraine, is war going to start?

The news comes at a time when Russia is conducting strategic exercises in Belarus. In addition, he has been indicted on charges of bombing Ukraine. Russia says Ukraine has bombed its border town for an hour. However, Ukraine has denied such an attack.

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Two soldiers were killed in a bomb blast in Ukraine on Saturday. The bomber struck shortly after noon in eastern Ukraine. The NATO leader said that given the current situation, signals from Russia indicate that Russia as a whole is preparing for war. Western nations have expressed concern over tensions between Russia and Ukraine.


In an interview with the BBC on Saturday, the British prime minister said there were signs that Russia was beginning to implement the plan. According to Boris Johnson, Russia can attack Ukraine at any time.

According to the Daily Mail, Britain’s Secretary of State Liz Truss has warned that if Putin allows an attack on Ukraine, it will attack other neighbors. He urged the international community to unite and put pressure on Russia. In an interview with the Daily Mail on Sunday, he said Putin should be stopped because he would not stop only in Ukraine. He is very cunning and his ambition to capture Ukraine will not stop him, but he wants to travel back to the 1990s or earlier.

Russia’s military exercise: Defense forces say Russian troops will continue to operate in Belarus – troops will not return due to tensions

Liz said the Baltic states are in danger. He said Putin had publicly stated that he wanted to bring back much of Russia’s occupation of Eastern Europe and create a better Russia.

Before the dissolution of the Soviet Union, in addition to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Estonia, Azerbaijan and Armenia were part of it.

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He said it was necessary for us and our allies to stand up against Putin. Next week it may be Ukraine, but who’s next country.

The British Prime Minister warned
The British Prime Minister has warned that Britain may impose more severe sanctions against Russia. He further added that Britain and the United States would work together to prevent Russian companies from trading in dollars and pounds.

According to the latest US government estimates, between 169,000 and 190,000 troops are stationed on Russia’s border with Ukraine and neighboring Belarus. However, this number also includes rebels in eastern Ukraine.

German Foreign Minister Annalina Barbach said: “We do not yet know whether a decision has been made on this attack,” said German Foreign Minister Annalina Barbok, amid speculation that Britain and the United States may soon invade Ukraine. Instead of targeting propaganda, I urge you to pay close attention to the real facts. It’s very inappropriate to do in any crisis, we just start guessing or imagining things. ‘

Asked if he agrees with US President Joe Biden’s statement on Friday, according to the news agency Xinhua, he said he hoped Putin would decide to attack Ukraine in the coming days. Great conflict could erupt in Europe.

Russia-Ukraine crisis: Belarus dictator threatens to maintain Russia’s destructive nuclear weapons

Seeing the deepening crisis in Ukraine, India has already advised its citizens to return from there. South Korea, France and Germany have also advised their citizens to leave Ukraine.

“Everything we see shows that we are on the brink of a war,” US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken told CNN during the American talk show’s Rapid Fire Round.

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Russia expands military exercises
Russia on Sunday expanded military exercises near Ukraine’s northern border. At the same time, the possibility of an attack has been heightened by two consecutive days of shelling between troops and Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine. Meanwhile, the President of Ukraine has called for a ceasefire.

Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Grenin has said his country will continue joint exercises with Russian troops as tensions over Ukraine escalate. As per the previous schedule, the training will end on Sunday.

Ukraine shares its northern border with Belarus, which takes less than three hours to reach by vehicle. Western nations fear that Russian troops may enter the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. Kiev has a population of about 30 million.

India in crisis in Ukraine: The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has instructed to expel the families of embassy officials from Ukraine.

The United States and several European countries have expressed fears that Russia may seek an excuse to attack. Western nations have also warned of immediate sanctions in the event of an attack. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zhelensky on Saturday held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin to resolve the crisis. Zelensky called for a ceasefire on Sunday. There has been no response from Russia to Zhelensky’s proposal.