March 25, 2023

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North Korea bans leather coats to prevent citizens from displaying the iconic appearance of a leader

Pyongyang. Have you heard that wearing a leather court is banned in some countries? If you have not heard, ask now. The North Korean government is doing this these days. Police are seizing leather trench coats roaming around North Korea these days. North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un wants to seize leather jackets and leather trench coats so that no one in the country can copy his style, says North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

According to the ‘Daily Star’ news, police officials in North Korea say that if anyone in the country wears a leather coat, he will be included in the category of crime that makes Kim Jong Un look like you. Police say it is disrespectful to wear a coat like a dictator. That is why they are confiscated. To prevent people living in North Korea from buying leather coats or jackets, police have been checking shopkeepers and confiscating coats. Action has been taken in many places so far.

Kim Jong Un’s style is popular in 2019
Let me tell you that the trench coat of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is very popular in 2019. After this, on several occasions, Kim Jong Un was seen on a similar line. When Kim Jong Un saw you on such a line its cross in the market increased. People ask for a coat to look like Kim Jong Un. But, the police do not allow it.

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The coats come from China
According to reports, all the lines of dictator Kim Jong Un were ordered exclusively from China. However, this is not the first time Kim Jong Un has banned her from copying her own style. There have already been reports that Duplicate Kim Jong-un has been banned from copying his hairstyle. The administration had ordered the hairdresser not to do the hairstyle like a dictator.

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