June 6, 2023

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North Korea’s Absurd… ‘Alien’ Cause of Covid – Alien Things Responsible for Covid Outbreak in North Korea tstr

Highlights of the story

  • North Korea blames South Korea for Covid
  • He said that corona spreads by touching something like an alien

North Korea is always in the headlines for its strange reasons. Recently, this country has made a very unique statement regarding the Covid pandemic. According to KCNA, the official news agency here, the virus in North Korea was not brought by travelers but spread through the air by aliens.

Recently KCNA broadcasted emergency instructions. In the advisory, North Korea’s Center for Epidemic Prevention asked officials to carefully handle items arriving by air, such as balloons and aliens, in border areas.

North Korea blames South Korea for Covid (Image: AP)

North Korea is currently struggling with Covid-19 and by issuing this statement, Kim Jong-un has tried to shift the blame onto his neighbours. Although South Korea’s name is not taken in clear terms, the indication is in that direction.

North Korean activist Lee Min-bok claims that this is propaganda by North Korea and its purpose is to instill hatred towards South Korea for the covid epidemic that is spreading in the country. The government here fears the spread of news among the people more than anything else.

For decades, pro-democracy and anti-Pyongyang balloons, and sometimes anti-democracy and pro-Pyongyang balloons, have been flown over the borders of South and North Korea. However, both governments have imposed a ban. North Korea said the balloons coming from South Korea were poisonous.

North Korea Covid
A soldier and a child touch an alien-like object (Photo: Getty)

KCNA said on Friday that the outbreak of Covid in the north came after an 18-year-old soldier and a five-year-old child touched an ‘alien-like object’ in the eastern county of Kumkang in early April. Both showed covid symptoms and were later tested covid positive.

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South Korean officials and experts pointed out the flaws in this theory. Yang Moo-jin, a professor at the University of North Korean Studies in Seoul, said it was difficult to scientifically believe North Korea’s claim because the chances of the virus spreading through the materials were very low.

Apart from this, the timing is also not suitable. According to KCNA, these first two incidents took place in early April, while the Guardian reported that the first cross-border balloons of the year were sent in late April. As Covid has reached North Korea, border balloons sometimes carry medical supplies instead of propaganda.