June 6, 2023

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Nuclear Football: You need to know what nuclear football is and how safe it is

US President Joe Biden has temporarily handed over the leadership of the country to Vice President Kamala Harris for treatment. Kamala Harris is currently the US President. According to the US Constitution, the country can never survive without a president. Apart from this, even if the power of thought of the President is exhausted, all the responsibilities are handed over to the Vice President. Biden will need anesthesia for colonoscopy, which will make the US president faint for a while.

Two-two for Kamala Harris Atomic football Control
With Vice President Kamala Harris after Joe Biden’s transfer of power US President’s Nuclear Football Has even arrived. The U.S. vice president already has a copy of this nuclear football, but during the president’s treatment, Kamala Harris will have command of two nuclear footballs. During the riots in the US capital in January, some protesters approached the office of then Vice President Mike Pence. Nuclear football was kept in this office.

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Can Kamala Harris order a nuclear attack?
Yes, according to the US Constitution, in the absence of Biden, Kamala Harris will act with full presidency. Kamala Harris may order an attack in the event of a nuclear attack on the United States or a threat of a nuclear attack. According to US nuclear policy, nuclear weapons can be used despite the threat of an attack.

What is Nuclear Football?
The American president will always have a black suitcase. This includes war plans, computer codes that recognize attacks, and communication devices. It weighs about 20 kg. It is also known as ‘nuclear football’. At the same time, the ‘biscuit’ is a card with nuclear missile symbols written on it. The US President will always carry this card with him. A similar nuclear football vice president must deal with a situation where the president is paralyzed.

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Inside is the secret communication system and release code
Apart from this, there is another dark color book in this briefcase which contains complete information about the hiding place in case of any attack. Inside this briefcase is the emergency broadcast system. Inside the atomic football is a card 3 to 5 inches long, with symbols confirming the atomic bomb attack. This card used to look at the credit card is called ‘Biscuit’. This biscuit has 5 alarms, which will be activated if lost. Inside the briefcase is an antenna-equipped communication device that allows the US president to speak instantly anywhere in the world.

Is it possible to carry out a nuclear attack by pressing a button?
It is technically impossible to press the red button to launch a nuclear attack. To this end, the military has been instructed to carry out a nuclear attack with high-tech equipment, following certain rules and procedures. The purpose of using this equipment is to ensure that the U.S. military commander is their commander-in-chief. However, the power to declare war rests with the US Congress, not the president. But many presidents have sent troops to the battlefield without officially declaring war.

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Who runs Atomic Football?
Someone very close to the president is walking with him regarding nuclear football. Whether the President is in the White House, in the car, on the plane or abroad, this suitcase will always be with him. This aide to the president goes with him in the same elevator. He stays in the same hotel where they are staying. Even the secret service officers who protect the president are protecting this man. The suitcase is tied with a leather strap on his hands.

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Why is this nuclear football dangerous?
There is no organization that controls the power of the US president to carry out a nuclear attack. However, there are some ways to slow down their decision. If the United States appears to be at risk of a nuclear attack, the president has only a few minutes to assess its severity and decide whether to retaliate. In one gesture, he was able to destroy 925 atomic bombs worldwide. These bombs will cause 17,000 times more destruction than the bombs that exploded in Hiroshima. The US president can also launch a nuclear attack if he wishes.

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How dangerous is the demise of nuclear football?
U.S. security experts believe there is no threat to the world if these suitcases are in the hands of outsiders. Such a commoner would not have a missile code to propel a nuclear missile. The Pentagon’s Inspector General has been assessing whether the U.S. Department of Defense has adequately planned the disappearance of a suitcase known as nuclear football since the Capitol Hill incident. In a letter dated July 19, the Pentagon’s IG’s Office instructed officials to review existing action plans in case the nuclear football box is lost, stolen or compromised.

When the nuclear reactor terrorized the whole world
Nuclear football has terrorized the whole world, including the United States, many times. In 2000, then-President Bill Clinton lost his biscuit for several months. However, it was later discovered. A similar incident took place in 1981 after then-President Reagan was attacked. His colleague could not go to the hospital with the nuclear reactor. At the same time, Reagan’s clothes were taken off before he was taken to the Operation Theater. The biscuit was found unattended in a plastic bag at the hospital.

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Football has a ‘control’ of 6000 atomic bombs
It is estimated that there are about 6,185 atomic bombs in the United States, which could destroy the entire world multiple times. Among these nuclear weapons are 1365 bombers, surface-to-surface missiles and missiles mounted on nuclear submarines. Once the US president approves of the atomic bombing, the task of the White House war room is to execute it as soon as possible. If the US President gives the ‘Go Code’, no other official can stop it. Then the missiles are fired. Once the missiles are launched they cannot be withdrawn. The effect is catastrophic.