May 25, 2022

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oIC meeting 2021: OIC meeting on Afghanistan ends without any pledge of assistance


  • Pakistan was outraged by the small number of members attending the meeting of Islamic countries
  • Ambassadors from Central Asian countries came to India instead of Islamabad
  • Pakistan, which has become a Taliban spokesman, seeks global financial assistance to Afghans

Organization of Nations (Organization of Nations) Sunday in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan.OIC) Meeting of Foreign Ministers. The organization has a total of 57 Muslim country members, but only the foreign ministers of 16 smaller countries attended the meeting. Other countries had sent their ambassadors or officials to attend the meeting.

Foreign Ministers of Central Asian Countries had arrived in India
Interestingly, instead of attending the OIC summit, the foreign ministers of five neighboring Central Asian countries came to Delhi to host the Afghanistan summit. On Monday, he met Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A section of the outraged Pakistani media has been blaming India for the defeat at the OIC summit.

The Taliban mistakenly sent a large sum of money to this enemy country, asked for it back, got the answer – no
Pakistani media giving less information about OIC for fear of the military
Meanwhile, Pakistan’s mainstream media has been reluctant to provide additional information about the OIC for fear of the government or the military. Journalists on social media have been busy surrounding the government in connection with the summit. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. All of these countries are members of the OIC. But instead of going to the summit in Pakistan, he preferred the India-Central Asian summit in New Delhi. The Pakistani media has been questioning this.

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The Taliban threaten the Pakistani army, cross the Durand Fort, there will be war and the fence will be torn down
Thus the OIC meeting of Pakistan failed
In fact, Pakistan hosted a meeting of OIC member states on December 19. The agenda of the meeting is to recognize and support the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. On the other hand, the India-Central Asia Summit was held on the same day in New Delhi, the capital of India. It was attended by the foreign ministers of five neighboring countries of Afghanistan. However, the agenda of this summit is also Afghanistan. Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar has said that India and the five Central Asian countries have deep cultural ties with Afghanistan and want to help Afghanistan.

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Pakistan has become the spokesman for the Taliban in Afghanistan
The United Nations and many other organizations around the world have warned that famine is raging in Afghanistan and that if the world does not help soon, this winter will be dangerous for the people there. Pakistan wants to take advantage of world sympathy for Afghanistan. Afghanistan borders on all sides and borders Pakistan. In such a situation, the way to get help there goes through Pakistan. By becoming Afghanistan’s spokesman, Pakistan wants to take the help it has received from around the world.

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Bach for India’s help
There are two agendas behind Pakistan’s initiative. First, Pakistan could seize part of the aid to Afghanistan. Second, he will send relief supplies from his trucks to Afghanistan so that the Afghans will understand that Pakistan is helping them. For this reason, Pakistan has also blocked the supply of wheat and medicines from India to Afghanistan.