June 2, 2023

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Omicron symptoms attack young people 13 deaths in 24 hours Corona virus Govt19

Omigron Cases in the world: Omicron, hitherto considered less dangerous, began to show color. Thirteen people have died in the last 24 hours from Omigran. So far a total of 14 people have fallen victim to Omigran. WHO warns of Omigron storm The virus is most prevalent among young people between the ages of twenty and thirty.

The death toll from Omigran is on the rise

So far 12 people have been reported dead in the UK by Omigran. Although the government has so far confirmed the death of a man from Omigron. At the same time, the first death from Omigran occurred at the Soroka Hospital in Israel. A 60-year-old man who was hospitalized for two weeks has lost his life.
There is also news of the death of an American. The person is said not to have been vaccinated.

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalko said: “Everyone is shocked by the current news, and I understand that everyone is tired of news like this.” But as feared, the new variant of the Corona has entered the United States in full force.

Of the new corona cases that have come to the fore in the United States, 73 percent are from Omigron. Within a week, Omicron cases had increased sixfold. At the same time, the head of the World Health Organization has issued a clear warning to the nations of the world.

WHO Regional Director Dr. Hans Gulk said, “In the case of Omicron, we can see that if a country is not safe, this world is not safe.” The European continent is currently heavily affected by Omigron. Omicron is growing rapidly not only in the UK but across Europe.

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Gulk added that another storm could be seen. Omicron is ahead of other varieties in many countries, including Denmark, Portugal and the UK. Cases double every one and a half to three days. Never seen this before. Within a few weeks, Omigron will be available in many countries. The already burdensome health system is in danger of collapsing. What the WHO has said about Europe is worrying.

What are the symptoms

In 89% of cases, the symptoms such as cough, night sweats, sore throat (itchy throat) and fever are the same as in other types. According to the CDC analysis of the first 43 cases investigated in the United States, the most common symptoms of Omicron are cough, fatigue and runny nose. The Omigran variant has a major impact on the immune system. Those who have taken both vaccines should be cautious.