October 4, 2022

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Omigran Eclipse on Christmas Celebrations Where Did People Get Banned And Exempt – India Hindi News

Christmas and the new celebration around the world Omigron Is the obstacle. Germany, Scotland, Britain, France, Brazil and Italy have all banned Christmas celebrations in view of the growing number of cases. At the same time, the United States-Thailand, South Africa, Australia and Taiwan have endorsed the event with some restrictions. As the incidence of corona in Britain has increased, other countries have also taken drastic precautionary measures.

Germany bans big events: Germany bans big events on Christmas, while restrictions on New Year’s events begin on December 28. German Chancellor Olaf Scholes has said there will be no big fireworks in the capital Berlin and no major events in Munich and Frankfurt. Omicron cannot be ignored. After a meeting of the heads of state of 16 German states, the government has decided that strict restrictions will be imposed on Germany from Christmas onwards. No more than 10 people who have been vaccinated should attend private events and nightclubs will be closed.

It can only be celebrated after being tested in France
Those who have been vaccinated in France should also be tested to go to New Year’s Eve parties. At the same time, the traditional fireworks show in Paris has been canceled. The French prime minister has said the move should be taken in the wake of Omigron’s destruction, and it is feared that more than a million cases will be reported daily in the coming days.

No celebration in Brazil-Italy
Brazil has announced that it will not be celebrating Christmas and New Year in Rio. The first rules of Christmas will be further tightened. The New Year event will also be banned. At the same time, group food and wine parties are banned in Italy.

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Events were canceled in Scotland
Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said there will be no New Year’s events in public places. He said the move was taken in view of the increasing number of Omicron cases. At Christmas, it is advisable to limit mutual meetings to three families.

Britain took drastic measures
Christmas and New Year events in London have been canceled due to Omicron. London Mayor Sadiq Khan tweeted: “We have made a tough decision to cancel our event in Trafalgar Square. Corona infection is being reported in the UK.

Discounts in these countries
In New York City’s Times Square, people can attend the banquet without wearing a mask. In addition, Thailand, South Africa, Australia and Taiwan will be celebrating events with some restrictions.