March 27, 2023

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Omigron Corona Virus Variation Outbreak In India Live Updates | Mumbai Delhi Bhopal Indore Kerala Rajasthan Haryana, State wise today 15 December | South African virologist says Johnson & Johnson vaccine is not effective against Omicron

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  • Omigron Corona Virus Variation Outbreak In India Live Updates | Mumbai Delhi Bhopal Indore Kerala Rajasthan Haryana, State wise today 15 Dec.

A few minutes ago

South African virologists have published a new study on the effectiveness of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine against Omigran. Benny Moore, a professor at the University of Johannesburg, found in the study that the vaccine could not produce antibodies against omigran. The vaccine offers little protection from Omicron. This protection is also available due to the immune cells already in the body.

Professor Moore said he had tested the effect of omigran on the blood samples of individuals who had been vaccinated by Pfizer, Biotech and Johnson & Johnson. Laboratory test results found that Johnson & Johnson vaccine levels had lower antibody levels than others.

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India’s Govt Task Force chief warns – vaccine may be ineffective if virus form changes

Dr. VK Paul, Chairman, India’s Govt. Amid concerns about the spread of the omigran variant of the corona virus, Dr Paul said on Thursday that the virus in India appears to be moving towards a stage of low- or moderate infection. This condition is called endemicity.

Dr. Paul says, ‘There may be situations where our vaccine does not work before the virus. In the last three weeks with Omicron, we have seen situations like this arise. Some of these cases may even be true. However, we do not yet have complete information on this, so nothing definitive can be said about the effectiveness of the vaccine.

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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison Corona Positive attended the school event a day earlier

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been confirmed to have a corona infection. Govt test on Tuesday confirmed he had corona infection. Morrison attended the school graduation ceremony in Sydney on Friday. The ceremony was attended by 1,000 people. However, an RT-PCR test conducted twice after the ceremony found him to be negative. Morrison’s office said the corona had been confirmed to the prime minister after contact with the victim.

The emergency caused by the corona in Italy has been extended until March next year.
The Italian government has extended the state of emergency for the corona epidemic by another 3 months. The draft to extend the emergency was approved Tuesday. According to reports, the state of emergency will remain in place until March 31, 2022. The Italian government imposed a state of emergency on 31 January 2020 following the Corona cases.

Corona has killed 8 million people in the United States so far

The death toll from the corona in the United States topped 8 million on Tuesday. These figures come from an observer at Johns Hopkins University. The death toll is higher than the population of many states in the United States, such as North Dakota and Alaska.

WHO WARNING – Omicron is growing dangerously and it is a mistake to think that it has mild symptoms of the disease
The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a warning about Omicron. The organization says the new variant is spreading dangerously. It is a mistake to think that it can only cause mild illness. The organization says Omicron has so far spread to 77 countries around the world.

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