June 8, 2023

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Omigron Lockdown: Experts Warning – The only way to break Omigran’s chain is to impose a complete lockdown | Omicron Lockdown: Specials and Damage

Omigron in the Netherlands: The new type of corona, Omigron, is spreading rapidly around the world. According to the WHO, so far the virus has spread to 77 countries and is infecting people faster than any variant of corona.

Meanwhile, all countries are making every effort to break the chain of infection, from imposing precautionary locks to increasing testing. At the same time, health experts advising the Netherlands on the Covit-19 strategy said the country should adhere to a complete lockout to avoid omigran.

Health Minister Hugo de Jong spoke to reporters after a cabinet meeting on Friday. He said the government was concerned about the growing spread of Omrona, the new variant of the corona. Hugo de Zhang said, ‘I will not say anything from my side, but the government will follow the advice of health experts. We tell you that the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rudd is going to hold a meeting with health experts today, that is, on Saturday. The meeting will decide on the steps to be taken to break the Omicon chain.

Opposition to the full blockade has been reported

We tell you that in November in the Netherlands, people violently protested against the restrictions related to the corona virus. Many of the civilians were injured in the attack by the police during the struggle. However, this is not the first time the fight against corona virus-related restrictions has been waged here. Earlier in January, people protested against the full blockade.

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