June 6, 2023

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Omigron Variation New Covit-19 Corona Strain Cases South Africa, Canada, India News Updates in Hindi – Omigron Corona Variation Live: WHO Warns ‘Extreme’ Risk Variation for Omigron

04:47 PM, 29-November-2021

The mayor said Mumbai was ready to deal with the threat

Mumbai Mayor Kishori Betnegar said of the Omigron variant, “We have made RT-PCR testing and isolation mandatory for travelers from affected countries. ICU beds, oxygen beds and manpower have been increased and we are prepared to deal with such a situation if cases suddenly spike. At the same time, the mayor said that the first schools will be reopened on December 1. But so far children have not been allowed to be vaccinated, so parents cannot send their children. Online classes will continue.

04:01 PM, 29-Nov-2021

I will take all measures for recovery: Veena George

Kerala Health Minister Veena George said they would take all necessary steps to discuss the current situation. We have urged the federal government to vaccinate those under 18 years of age. We have also been asked to provide booster doses. But we are still waiting for his decision.

Afternoon 03:39, 29-Nov-2021

Kerala Health Minister Veena George has said that genetic monitoring is ongoing. Passengers from countries affected by the new variant (Omicron) must undergo an RT-PCR test upon arrival in the state and remain in isolation for 14 days. We have increased the number of health workers at four international airports.

Afternoon 03:22, 29-Nov-2021

Karnataka: Samples have been sent for genetic sorting

The Government of Karnataka is also wary of the Omigron variant. Chief Minister Basavaraj Puppet said the situation was being monitored in view of the new variant of Govit-19, Omigran. To confirm the variation, we sent some samples for genetic sequencing. He said the Covit-19 test at the airport would also be increased.

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Afternoon 03:13, 29-Nov-2021

Most Threat from Omicron: WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned of an omigran variant of the corona virus. The organization said the threat level of this variation could be ‘too high’.

Afternoon 03:06, 29-Nov-2021

Bharat Biotech to boost coca exports from December

Bharat Biotech has said it will start exporting its corona antiviral vaccine Kovacs to additional countries from December.

Afternoon 02:38, 29-Nov-2021

The corona vaccine for the Omigron variant will be ready by 2022: Moderna

The American pharmaceutical company Moderna said Sunday that it will prepare the corona vaccine for the Omigron variant by 2022.

Afternoon 02:01, 29-Nov-2021

Two weeks to learn the Omicron variant

U.S. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anthony Fauci said it would take two weeks to find out how contagious and serious the Omigron variant is.

10:40 AM, 29-Nov-2021

Foreign travelers banned from entering Japan

Japan has banned the entry of foreign travelers due to the risk of Corona’s omigran variation.

09:10 AM, 29-Nov-2021

RT-PCR test of out-of-state travelers will be conducted in Uttarakhand

In view of the threat of a new variant of the corona virus ‘Omigron’, the Uttarakhand government has ordered all state CMOs to conduct RT-PCR testing of all travelers coming from outside the state. This information was given by the Health Department DG Dr. Tripti Baguna.

08:33 AM, 29-Nov-2021

The first case of omigran variant has been reported in Canada

The first case of omigran variant has been reported in Canada. Two people traveling to Nigeria have been confirmed infected, according to the news agency AFP. Corona testing has increased in Canada since the appearance of the Omigron variant.

08:11 AM, 29-Nov-2021

Corona Live: WHO warns Omigron of ‘high’ risk variance

Britain has called for an emergency meeting of G-7 health ministers in view of the threat of Omicron diversity. The meeting will discuss the spread of Omigran and measures to control it. The G-7 countries include Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.