February 4, 2023

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One call, a few minutes of talk… 30 lakh rupees flew out of the woman’s account! – One call few minutes of talk and 30 lakh rupees flew out of women’s bank account online fraud tstf

An 18-year-old girl has become a victim of online fraud. He lost Rs.30 lakhs in seconds. In one fell swoop, the girl says her years of hard work have been wasted. She has become completely poor.

The girl’s name is Aurora Cassili and she lives in Albany, Australia. Recently he received a message on his mobile. As the message was received on his registered mobile phone, Casili thought it must have been sent from the bank.

The message read that someone was trying to transfer money to his NAB (National Australia Bank) bank account. Call 1800 for details. In a panic, Kasili called the number.

Cassili had no doubts about him, hearing him speak from the opposite side. The man told Casili that he needed to transfer his money to another account at the same bank for financial security. Kasili did the same and gave him her bank details. Thus he can transfer the Rs.30 lakh deposited in his account to his other account.

Seconds after confirming the money transfer, the person hung up. But it was then that Kasili realized that the account he had transferred the money into was a Commonwealth Bank account instead of NAP. He began to sense that something was wrong, but by then it was too late. In reality, Casili has become a victim of cybercrime.

Aurora Kasili showed the bank statement

According to news.com.au, Cassiely contacted the Commonwealth Bank, but the money had already been withdrawn from the account. For now, Casili has appealed to his bank for help. But so far his money has not been returned. Kasili had made a normal transaction and it was his fault, the bank said. There is no default on the part of the bank.

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At the same time, Casilli says the bank should have more security. If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. It is very scary. Scammers can do nothing. According to Kasili- I think NAB should be held accountable and more security measures should be taken so that there is no fraud on their customers.