May 25, 2022

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Pakistan News: Pakistan-US relations: Pakistan-US relations are entering a delicate phase, Shahbaz Sharif government comes under control

Islamabad: These days the government of Pakistan is busy improving its relationship with the United States. Tensions between Pakistan and the United States peaked during Imran Khan’s rule. Imran Khan accused the US of being behind the overthrow of his regime. Following this, the new Prime Minister, Shahbaz Sharif, is engaged in an effort to rebuild relations with the United States. Responsibility for this task has been given to the newly appointed Foreign Minister Bhutto Bhutto Zardari and Deputy Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Kar. Following the orders of these two leaders, the Pakistani Foreign Office began to reform its foreign policy towards the United States.

US Secretary of State Bilawal Bhutto spoke
Meanwhile, Zardari received a phone call from US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen on Saturday. During a telephone conversation, US Secretary of State Blinken congratulated him on his inauguration and said in a statement that he wanted to continue strong Pakistan-US bilateral relations.

Bilawal invited him to come to America
The statement said that the US Secretary of State for Pakistan had been invited to attend a meeting of world food security ministers to be held in New York on May 18. Plinken also invited Pakistan to the Second Global Govt Summit later this month. Exchanging views on various aspects of bilateral relations, Bhutto underlined that Pakistan and the United States have long had extensive relations.

Bilawal in preparation for enhancing mutual cooperation
He said constructive and lasting engagement between the two countries on the basis of mutual respect and mutual interest was essential to promote peace, development and security in the region and beyond. Bhutto stressed that Pakistan’s approach focuses on human development, regional integration and a peaceful environment. The two leaders agreed to stay in touch and enhance cooperation on regional and global issues of mutual interest.

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Hina Rabbani’s car also went active
On the other hand, Hina Rabbani Khar almost attended the May 5 High Level International Donor Conference in Ukraine. Kar praised the humanitarian efforts for the Ukrainian people, and expressed deep concern about the continuing war, the rising civilian casualties, the deteriorating humanitarian situation and the refugee crisis.

Imran Khan has ruined relations with the United States
As Imran Khan continues to take a stand against the US, the coalition government led by Shebaz Sharif is trying to shape its foreign policy, accusing the current government of being an imported organization brought to power by international controversy. Control system. The Shahbaz government focuses primarily on better relations with the Western bloc.