June 2, 2023

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Pakistan-Pakistan air deal: US is agreeing to use Pakistani airspace for military operations in Afghanistan

Imran Khan may allow the US to use Pakistani airspace to carry out attacks in Afghanistan. Two lawmakers from the Biden administration have said that Pakistan could use its airspace to carry out military and intelligence operations in Afghanistan. In addition, Pakistan has expressed interest in signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the United States in exchange for improving its relations with India. Pakistan wants the US to put pressure on India.

US operations in Afghanistan will be accelerated
A CNN report said the deal was still being finalized. Therefore, the terms of the contract are subject to change at any time. A few days ago, the White House issued a statement saying that the United States could launch an counter-terrorism operation against ISIS-K and other enemies in Afghanistan. However, the lack of US troops and air bases in Afghanistan makes it somewhat difficult for the United States to carry out such a task.

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The United States still uses Bagh airspace
The U.S. military has so far used Pakistan’s airspace to gather intelligence for Afghanistan. But the United States does not have a formal agreement with the Imran Khan government to always use Pakistan’s airspace. In such a scenario, if Pakistan closes its airspace, it will be a difficult task for the US to enter Afghanistan. Because Afghanistan is a landlocked country on all sides.

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The United States insists on an agreement to use space
Sources said an agreement was discussed when US officials visited Pakistan. But it is not yet clear what Pakistan wants or how much the US is willing to pay in return. In the absence of any formal agreement at present, the United States is in danger of operating its drones and military aircraft to Afghanistan via Pakistan. If something unfortunate happens, Pakistan can directly deny it and the US can do whatever it wants.

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The Pentagon was quiet about telling the secret
A Pentagon spokesman said the defense ministry could not comment on the allegations. At the same time, the Pakistan Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying no such agreement had been reached between the two countries. However, Pakistan and the United States have long-standing cooperation in regional security and counter-terrorism, and both sides are engaged in regular negotiations.

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What Pakistan said
Pakistan on Saturday rejected reports of a US deal to use its airspace for intelligence operations in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan. The Pakistan Foreign Office issued a statement to media questions pointing to the formalization of an agreement between the two countries to carry out military and intelligence operations against Afghanistan.

American MQ9 drone

US MQ9 drone