March 25, 2023

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Poland sends its MiG-29 fighter jets to US base in Germany, can be used by Ukrainian military, Russia destroys 61 hospitals | Russia announces ceasefire today; Poland will supply all its MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine

Moscow / KievAn hour ago

Today marks the 14th day of war between Russia and Ukraine. Russia on Wednesday announced a ceasefire to evacuate civilians trapped in the war. The ceasefire will take place in Sumy, Karkiv, Mariopol, Chernihiv and Zaporizhzhya. Ukraine says Russian forces have destroyed 61 hospitals and medical equipment in Ukraine. On the other hand, this special military operation by the Russian military has exacerbated the refugee crisis in neighboring countries. Meanwhile, Poland has announced that it will supply all its Mi-29 fighter jets to Ukraine.

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Russia is targeting the exit route
The British Defense Ministry has accused Russia of targeting an evacuation route in Irbine to evacuate civilians. There has been no water or electricity for the last few days due to heavy fighting here.
The soldier delivered the message of strong time
Ukrainian soldiers guarding the entrance to Karakan in Ukraine’s Irfin Pucha district said their countrymen were strong enough to block Russia. It is written on his helmet – strong time. When asked his name, he said – I am from Ukraine.

On the way from Irfin to Kiev, Ukrainian soldiers could be seen buying essential food items and coffee from supermarkets. It is snowing hard here.
The woman’s song won the heart of the world
The video of Ukrainian girl Amelia singing ‘Let It Go’ from the animated film ‘Frozen’ in a bunker has gone viral. This video made many people cry. Marta Smekova shared this video on Facebook. Has received over 3 million views worldwide.

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American actress Idina Menzel responds to this video. In it he plays the role of Ilsa. He said in his tweet, we can see you, we can really see you.

Video of Ukraine baby girl Amelia has received 3 million views. He is sitting in a bunker singing the song ‘Let It Go’ from the animated film Frozen.

Poland will provide the MiG-29 fighter aircraft

Poland says it is ready to supply all MiG-29 fighter jets to the United States. Sent to US Air Force Base in Germany. The Ukrainian military can use them. Ukrainian soldiers trained to fly MiG-29s
Putin signed the decree
Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a special decree to improve Russia’s security in foreign trade. With this order, the government can ban the export of goods and raw materials from certain countries and imports from abroad. What ingredients are included in this will be listed later. No personal use items included. This special economic measure has been implemented till 31st December 2022.
Russia should be declared a terrorist state
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky, in his historic address to the House of Commons in the United Kingdom, called for Russia to be declared a terrorist state. He said Europe must do the same if it wants to save Ukraine from war. Zhelensky was welcomed by lawmakers.

Speaking to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Jelensky said, “We want your help to help the West. We’re grateful for this help, Boris, and I’m grateful to you. ‘ The President of Ukraine said, ‘Please increase the sanctions against this country (Russia) and declare this country a terrorist country. Make sure the sky in our Ukraine is safe.

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Important Updates on Junk

  • American fast food company McDonald’s has temporarily closed all restaurants in Russia. The company’s CEO Chris Kempingi said in a letter.
  • Russia bans sale of foreign currency until September 9
  • US President Joe Biden spoke with Ukrainian President Zhelensky about the latest state of the war.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke by telephone with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte on the Ukraine crisis. Modi discussed with Root the current situation in Ukraine amid Russian military action.
  • The United Nations says the number of refugees fleeing has exceeded two million.
  • A large number of civilians came out through the secure corridor to get out of the eastern city of Sumi, which was surrounded by Russian troops. They were seen sitting on the bus and leaving the city. An agreement was reached between the authorities of the two countries on this safe route.

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