October 4, 2022

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Prime Minister Modi, Pope and Guterres Group Formed for Lasting Peace in Ukraine; Mexico’s Foreign Minister U.N

Pittsburgh, Pretr: Mexico has proposed a peaceful solution to the Ukraine war at the United Nations. The resolution calls for the United Nations to set up a panel to negotiate with the leaders of the two warring countries. The group should include Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Pope Francis and United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres. The group should hold talks with Russia and the Ukrainian president to resolve the deadlock and bring lasting peace to Ukraine.

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Luis Ebrad Casaubon presented the plan during a discussion on Ukraine at the UN Security Council on Thursday. “Mexico recognizes that in the prevailing situation, more effective measures are needed to maintain peace,” he said. Mexican President Andres Manuel L├ípez Obrador called the project a global imperative. The offer from Mexico comes days after Prime Minister Modi told Russian President Putin in Samarkand that the time was not for war.

This statement by Prime Minister Modi has been welcomed by many western countries including America, France and Britain. US Assistant Secretary of Defense Dr. Eli Ratner has said that Prime Minister Modi’s comments on the Ukraine war in his talks with the Russian president are commendable. We welcome his desire for peace in Ukraine. Earlier, US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan had said that Modi’s statement was correct and justified. He said that the United States very much welcomes this statement.

Ukraine seeks India’s help in Zaporizhia case

The Zaporizhia nuclear power plant issue was also discussed during External Affairs Minister Jaishankar’s meeting with Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmihal in New York. Prime Minister Shamihal has sought India’s help to resolve the nuclear power plant impasse. The Ukrainian plant has been occupied by the Russian military since March.

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