November 30, 2022

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Putin’s nuclear briefcase Ukraine conflict: Putin to oversee massive nuclear weapons exercises with his famous nuclear arsenal amid Ukraine stalemate

As tensions with Ukraine mount, Russia is set to conduct intensive nuclear weapons exercises. During this exercise, Russia will be able to test high-speed destructive ballistic and cruise missiles. During this time the reliability of Russia’s nuclear and conventional weapons will be tested. The importance of this exercise can be seen from the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin himself will attend the exercise. Putin’s well-known nuclear arsenal will also be present during the exercise. This suitcase has the power to start World War III in the world. Let us know what this nuclear suitcase is and how dangerous it is.

Russia has the largest number of atomic bombs in the world, at 6257, which can destroy the Earth several times in a second. The Russian president orders the firing of nuclear weapons with the help of this briefcase. This nuclear suitcase looks like a normal briefcase. Putin’s nuclear case is highly secretive and for the first time in 2019, the world saw a glimpse into Putin’s briefcase. This briefcase has red and white buttons. With the help of these buttons Putin can order a nuclear attack.

Red and white buttons on the inside of the suitcase

The nuclear suitcase moves with Putin
According to the Russian media, this suitcase can only be opened with one code. Not only this, it is also under strict security 24 hours a day. It controls more than 6,000 of Russia’s atomic bombs. Wherever Putin goes, a security official always carries this suitcase with him. This official is the only one trained to help Putin in the event of a nuclear attack. In Russian, this briefcase is called the Seket named after the mountain.
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This suitcase was developed in the 1980s. There is only one suitcase with Putin but his total number is 3. All three suitcases can only be opened by Russian top officials. The officials are believed to include Russia’s Defense Minister and the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces. The suitcase has red and white buttons, but researchers say the attack was carried out with a white button, contrary to popular speculation.

The nuclear suitcase is very easy to use
This Russian nuclear suitcase is designed to be easily used by older leaders as well. This suitcase is always carried by a Marine so it can be easily identified even in the crowd. The Russian nuclear suitcase is believed to have been operational in 1983. Like the Russian president, there is a briefcase with the US president to order a nuclear attack. Russia has everything from hypersonic missiles to warplanes to nuclear weapons.
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Russian hypersonic missiles are so powerful that they can no longer be stopped by any air defense system. Not only this, Russia has the power to destroy any country in the world at any time. Russia has developed a nuclear-powered underwater drone. Nuclear weapons can easily be attacked. Putin is believed to be trying to intimidate Western nations in Ukraine by pointing to the nuclear arsenal. The Russian president’s office has confirmed that the box will be available during training.