January 27, 2023

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Ratings of Tottenham players: Harry Kane, Sessegnon, Kulusevsky, Doherty and Son.

Ratings of Tottenham players: Harry Kane, Sessegnon, Kulusevsky, Doherty and Son.

Hugo Lloris

He made a brave save down in 37 minutes from a low cross. However, he had a huge vacation just over 15 minutes ago. He reached a loose ball when he broke Leeds but hit it straight against Dallas, then tried to stumble with his hand halfway in his own half, but luckily missed it and Davies saved him by blocking the shot in the penalty area. He could have kicked himself out at 3-0 for no reason. I didn’t have much to do but lost two points due to a double fault on the pitch. 5

Christian Romero

Struijk lost from an early Leeds free kick but luckily the Leeds man’s header flashed away. He improved after that although Spurs’ defense looked shaky at times despite a clean net. 7

Eric Dyer

Lots of interceptions in the air and on the deck. The defense definitely benefits from being there. 7

Ben Davies

He worked hard on the left to provide cover behind Sessegnon and created a crucial sliding stone to save Lloris which took his tally from his central defenders. 8

Matt Doherty

He scored his first goal for Tottenham with a clinical and powerful finish from Sesson’s low cross. Moments later, he joined Kulusevsky to score the second goal for Tottenham. He almost made Sessegnon with a low shot inside the penalty area. Good day for the Irish who played well on both ends of the pitch. 8

Pierre-Emile Hojberg

Kane picked a beautiful choppy pass for Tottenham’s third goal. He used the ball well when Spurs broke and worked hard in front of the three defenders. 8

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Harry Winks

He played a perfectly weighted ball into Sessegnon’s way in preparation for Spurs’ opening goal. Good showing from the midfielder against the high energy Leeds midfielder. 8

Ryan Sessegnon

This was Ryan Sessegnon that we wanted to see. Leeds’ extroverted nature simply encouraged him to move on and he did so in a dangerous way. First, he sprinted towards the penalty area and picked Doherty for his opening goal. He then played a role in preparing for Tottenham’s third goal before running into Kane’s ball and sending a half-volley at Meslier. He was hampered somewhat by a yellow card in the second half and gave the ball away from the break that Lloris faced with a nightmare, but this was much better overall than the 21-year-old and he was within inches of slipping into a goal by himself. 8

Diane Kulusevsky

It was combined with Doherty before overcoming some of Leeds’ poor challenges and then a low shot into the near post to become two goals in three starts. He was always busy and looking forward to getting to the chest. He hit two more low shots in the second half, one of which saved and the other stopped in front of goal. Seems a real possibility at only 21 years old. 8

Harry King

He played in the goal with an expertly guided shot from Hogberg’s lofty pass through Messler and into the far post from a tight angle. He fired several excellent through balls in the second half to create various big chances for the others, including one for Emerson before finally getting the well-deserved pass with a perfect shot into Son’s trajectory to score the third goal for Spurs. Would Eriksen and Tottenham’s Kane rolled into one that day and could have finished it in awe of assists. 9

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Son Heung Min

He got two chances for himself in either half with good rounds but finished it with poor shots. He was full of running and dodging around Leeds as he pleased. He scored his goal in the last five minutes, saving a pass from Kane, ran and rebounded to net Meslier. It was the goal that made Son and Kane the only record holder with 37 Premier League goals. 8


Stephen Bergwijn

He added some energy to Spurs’ attacks and hit a pass to Son of late. 6

Emerson Royal

Mesler denied him with ample opportunity when he probably should have been more decisive when he ran to pass Kane. 6

Dean Scarlett

Son replaced in the last minutes and showed some nice moves and touches. Unavailable