June 6, 2023

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Record preparation bird throws biomimicry out the window

Record preparation bird throws biomimicry out the window

How to get a few grams of battery, a geared motor and some neat stuff Robot jumps more than 30 meters in the air? It wasn’t by easily copying a grasshopper, kangaroo, or frightened cat. How did that happen then?

It has been observed that of all the possible things in nature, of all the wonderful mechanisms, fluids, aerodynamics, and chemistry, there is one that has not hitherto been discovered in a living organism: continuous circulation. Yes, that’s right, the simple act of turning is unique to mechanical devices rather than living things. And when it comes to robotic jumping, biomimetics can go a long way.

With this distinct mechanical advantage in mind, [Elliot Hawkes] From the University of California, Santa Barbara decided to look beyond biomimicry. As shown in the paper in temper nature As demonstrated in the video below the break, the jumping robot being considered uses rubber bands, carbon fiber brackets, and commoditizing elements such as a geared motor and LiPo batteries to essentially wind the spring mechanism, then release it, like a trap, that scatters the pent-up energy in one go. Results? The little jumper can fly in the air for about 100 feet. Make sure to check it out!

thanks for the [Kelvin Ly] to get information!

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