June 2, 2023

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Renewal of corona virus cases in Russia; 41335 new patients found in Russia within 24 hours | A total of 41,335 new cases were detected on Saturday, the largest number of new victims in a single day, despite paid leave.

Moscow11 hours ago

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New Govt-19 cases were reported in Russia on Saturday. A total of 41,335 people have been diagnosed with corona infection in the last 24 hours. This is the largest number in a single day since the outbreak. In the past day, 1,188 patients have died here.

This record number of victims has come to the fore at a time when paid holidays have been announced in Russia from October 30 to November 7. President Vladimir Putin has announced a holiday with pay to deal with the growing corona vulnerabilities. Its purpose is to control the growing corona vulnerabilities as most people stay home.

Most of the new victims are found in Moscow
So far 80.7 lakh people in Russia have been affected by corona. The world is most affected by corona. Currently, it is known that most of the cases come from the capital Moscow.

Accused of underestimating the death toll
Russian authorities have accused the government of under-reporting coronavirus infection statistics. The statistics agency Rossstad reported in October that the death toll was almost twice as high as government figures.
According to Rosstat, 44,265 people died of corona in Russia in September, more than double government figures. And as of September, 4.50 lakh people had died in Russia. This number is huge compared to other countries in Europe.

So far only one-third of people have been vaccinated
The pace of cowpea vaccination in Russia is slow. Russia has developed several vaccines against corona, including Sputnik V. Despite this, so far only one-third have been vaccinated. There is a growing demand in the country to increase the speed of vaccination. It is said that the vaccine should be given to all parts of the country.

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