July 7, 2022

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Runners from here are killed and currents are used in women’s private parts. Fugitives from the detention center are shot, and Koran and religious objects are confiscated

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  • Fugitives from the detention center are shot and the Koran and religious objects are confiscated.

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The bitter truth of China’s detention center (the most secret location) has come to the world under the name ‘Xinjiang Police Files’. According to a report, about one million Uighur Muslims and other ethnic and religious minorities have been forcibly detained in the center. Runners from here are shot directly. There are allegations that the women were raped and their private parts were electrocuted.

In fact, Adrian Jens, an academic and international expert on Chinese government documents, has leaked files related to China’s atrocities. It tells the whole story of China’s crimes in sequence. This is called ‘Xinjiang Police Files’.

Jens works for the US-based NGO The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation. The documents were leaked during a visit to Xinjiang by UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet during a controversial visit.

Collective rape of women
Prisoners were reportedly chained to the center. Machine guns and sniper rifles are housed in the center’s observation towers. If a woman runs away from the center, she is raped in the name of interrogation. It is also common for women to be imprisoned here.

Tarsune Xiaudun, 42, told the Wise of America that he had been assaulted, raped and gang-raped in a Uyghur center in Guns County. I was taken to the interrogation center four times. In my private area, the current was blown from the rod.

China denies the allegations
China has denied the allegations, saying they are vocational training schools. People go there of their own free will. Here people are being re-trained. So they can make more money.

The world was shocked to see those pictures

The picture of the detention center in China has been released.

The picture of the detention center in China has been released.

This document has taken the whole world by surprise. These documents contain 5,000 photos of thousands of people forcibly imprisoned. This was taken between January and July 2018. According to the BBC, 2,800 of them are definitely prisoners. There are internal details of 20 thousand Uyghurs. There are also photos of more sensitive places.

The world is shocked at what kind of violence is being perpetrated against them and how they are being imprisoned. Researchers doing research in China have uploaded these files online. The files include a speech by Chen Guangzhou, a former Communist Party secretary in Xinjiang in 2017, who allegedly ordered the firing on those trying to escape from the detention centers.

The president had ordered an increase in the detention center
At the same time, Chinese Defense Minister Zhao Keizi also included an internal speech for 2018, citing President Xi Jinping’s orders to increase the capacity of these detention centers.

Many minors were imprisoned
The leaked documents reveal how China views minorities as a threat. 2800 photos of Xinjiang prisoners have been leaked, including several minors. In the pictures, police officers can be seen holding prisoners with sticks. UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said the leaked documents were shocking. At the same time, the Chinese Foreign Minister denied the documents, saying that anti-China forces were spreading lies through the media.

Needles were pierced into the skin, and nails were pulled out
In 2018, the BBC reported that Uyghur villages in Xinjiang were under close surveillance. Uighur government officials have banned people from practicing Islam, going to mosques or fasting during Ramadan. The BBC reported on this and spoke to those in prison.

In an experience shared with the BBC, a person named Aamir said – he will not let me sleep. He was hanged for several hours. Needles pierced my skin. Scratch my nails. Not only that, but the torture items were placed on the table in front of me so that I would not be scared. I could hear the screams of others as well. In 2021, China banned the BBC from broadcasting world news in China due to reports about Xinjiang.

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