June 29, 2022

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Russia Black Sea attack on Ukraine: Russian warship Admiral Makarov attacked by Ukrainian missiles in Ukraine warship Ukraine MP claims – Another Russian warship destroyed after Moscow in the Black Sea! Ukrainian parliamentarian says – sea gods are taking revenge

Kiev: In Ukraine, the Russian military continues to tremble in shock. As Russia has not yet recovered from the capture of the Moscow warship, there are reports that Ukraine has targeted another Russian warship. The Ukrainian parliamentarian said that the Russian warship was attacked by Ukraine in the dark of night. He said Putin’s sophisticated warship was “in trouble” in the Black Sea. Odessa Council President Oleksi Konzarenko provided this information on his Telegram channel.

Ukraine’s largest naval base is located in Odessa. The Daily Mail reported that Concernko had inflicted damage on Admiral Makaro on his Telegram channel. The $ 500 million (Rs. 38 billion) warship joined the Russian Navy just five years ago. He said the warship was in trouble last night. The Ukrainian lawmaker released some local media reports that Ukrainian missiles struck the warship near Snake Island.
Russia Moscow: Russian soldier killed in Moscow warship attack, 27 missing, Moscow admits for the first time
Russia sends rescue ships and planes
Some unconfirmed reports suggest that rescue ships and planes have pulled out of Sevastopol, Russia’s largest port on the Black Sea. If the news of the attack on Makarov is true, it will be a major blow to Russia in the Ukraine war. Recently, the Russian superpower warship Moscow was damaged and buried in the Black Sea. The Russian Navy-guided missile Cruiser is the most powerful warship of the Moscow Black Sea Navy.

‘Ukraine is the sea god of revenge for criminals’
Goncharenko wrote, “Admiral Makarov, patrol ship of the Russian Navy, has been damaged. The sea gods are taking revenge on Ukrainian criminals.” He wrote, ‘The ship is badly wrecked, but is still floating, and Russia and Ukraine have not confirmed these claims.

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