June 8, 2023

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Russia declares war on Ukraine Direct announcements: Why Russia declares war on Ukraine, Russia’s cause Ukraine conflict Hindi News – Russia Ukraine war live: Biden announces new sanctions and export restrictions against Russia Millions of people have been displaced

03:33 AM, 25-Feb-2022

Foreign Minister Jaishankar held talks with Romania, Hungary and Slovakia

Foreign Minister Jaishankar spoke Thursday night in Romania, Hungary and Slovakia about the expulsion of Indians stranded in Ukraine. Ukraine has closed its airspace following a Russian military offensive. Therefore, India is focusing on deporting about 16,000 Indians from Ukraine through its land border crossings with Romania, Hungary, the Slovak Republic and Poland. According to Jaisankar, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Cicardo has promised full cooperation in expelling the Indians.

03:13 AM, 25-Feb-2022

The United States expelled Russia’s number two diplomat

The United States has expelled a second-ranked Russian ambassador from Washington in retaliation for the expulsion of a US second-in-command from Moscow earlier this month. A senior US State Department official made the announcement. The eviction had nothing to do with the Russia-Ukraine crisis and was part of a long-running dispute between the United States and Russia over diplomatic personnel. However, the move comes amid growing tensions between the two countries over Ukraine. The official said the Foreign Ministry had informed the Russian embassy on Wednesday that it was expelling Ambassador Sergei Trebelkov, who is currently the second-highest ranking diplomat under Ambassador Anatoly Antonov. In mid-February, Russia expelled Bart Gorman, deputy head of the US embassy in Moscow.

03:04 AM, 25-Feb-2022

Putin launches war to cover up corruption: Alexei Navalny

Jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has accused Vladimir Putin of invading Ukraine to cover up Russia’s corruption. In a video released by the independent news agency Dost, Navalny is heard protesting against the invasion of Ukraine. Navalny said the war between Russia and Ukraine was launched to cover up corruption among Russian citizens and to divert their attention from the current problems in the country.

02:51 AM, 25-Feb-2022

Emmanuel Macron talks to Putin about the invasion

The Kremlin says Vladimir Putin spoke by phone with French President Emmanuel Macron and gave him a “detailed” explanation of the reasons for Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Macron called, and they agreed to stay in touch. Macron says he has called on Putin to suspend military action. In recent weeks, the French president has sought to prevent a Russian offensive in Russia, including talks with Putin.

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02:33 AM, 25-Feb-2022

Anti-war protesters gathered near the Kremlin

Anti-war struggles are now taking place in Russia. OVD-Info reports that at least 735 people were arrested during the protests in Russia today, and that it was monitoring the protests. More than 330 people are involved in this in Moscow. Video footage taken from Moscow shows a large crowd near the Kremlin.

About 2,000 people gathered near Pushkin Square in Moscow and more than 1,000 in St. Petersburg, the AFP news agency reported.

02:27 AM, 25-Feb-2022

US Secretary of State Blingen talks with Jaisankar

US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen spoke to Indian Secretary of State Jaishankar. The Indian Foreign Ministry said, “The two ministers discussed the progress being made in Ukraine and its implications. We appreciate the invitation of the US Secretary of State.”

02:10 AM, 25-Feb-2022

Nearly 100,000 people have been displaced from Ukraine: UN

The United Nations says about 100,000 people have been displaced from Ukraine amid the war crisis and thousands have fled abroad. The UN refugee agency has warned that the situation in Ukraine is deteriorating rapidly as people flee their homes in search of safety. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Filippo Grande warned that “the humanitarian impact on civilians will be catastrophic. The war will not be won, but countless lives will be lost.” The refugee agency has called on Ukraine to open its borders to its neighbors to immigrants. The company said it was ready to support everyone’s efforts to respond in any situation to forced relocation.

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02:06 AM, 25-Feb-2022

Experts say Putin is not afraid of danger

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine runs the risk of international rejection by President Vladimir Putin, experts say, but he fears such isolation and acts contrary to popular belief.

01:16 AM, 25-Feb-2022

Biden said – SWIFT banking is not currently banned in Russia

U.S. President Joe Biden said Thursday that sanctions on Russia do not currently allow the country to withdraw from the SWIFT banking system. Biden said the previously proposed sanctions on all banks could have similar effects and be more effective than the SWIFT embargo on Russia.

01:10 AM, 25-Feb-2022

US to discuss Ukraine crisis with India: Biden

US President Joe Biden has said the United States will discuss the Ukraine crisis with India after Russia’s military action. Biden said, “We will discuss with India (the crisis in Ukraine).” Biden was asked whether India fully sided with the United States in the Russian offensive. It is understood that the position of India and the United States on the Ukraine crisis is not the same. India has an old and time-tested friendship with Russia.

01:07 AM, 25-Feb-2022

I have no plans to talk to Putin: Biden

Biden said he had no plans to talk to Russian President Vladimir Putin. He wants to re-establish the former Soviet Union, which I think is the direct opposite of the rest of the world. US President Biden said he did not know if Russian President Vladimir Putin was threatening a nuclear attack or what he was threatening. Do you know what they did?

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01:05 AM, 25-Feb-2022

Biden imposed new sanctions on Russia, and Putin chose war

President Joe Biden announced further sanctions on Russia on Thursday, accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin of “choosing war” in the wake of the attack on Ukraine.

12:55 AM, 25-Feb-2022

We have banned Pitani, Russia’s largest bank

The U.S. president said the United States would block Russia’s ability to fund its military and increase its military. He said the barriers they design would undermine their ability to compete in the high-tech economy of the 21st century. The United States will send another 7,000 troops to Germany. We have imposed restrictions on exports. Export restrictions will reduce the capacity of more than half of Russia’s high-tech imports. We are ready to retaliate against Russia’s cyber attack.

12:53 AM, 25-Feb-2022

The United States will defend ‘every inch’ of NATO, but will not send troops to Ukraine

In his speech, President Biden reiterated that the US military would not and will not engage in conflict with Russia in Ukraine. “Our forces are not going to Europe to fight in Ukraine, but to protect our NATO allies and to reassure those allies in the East.” Will protect. “

12:52 AM, 25-Feb-2022

Russia will pay the price for Putin’s occupation: Biden

US President Joe Biden has said that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggression will cause Russia to lose. He said Russia’s military offensive in Ukraine was proceeding as the United States had predicted. Describing the attack as “unprovoked”, he said, “For weeks, we have been warning that it will happen, and now it is emerging on a larger scale than we predicted.”