February 4, 2023

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Russia declares war on Ukraine

Russia-Ukraine war live updates: Tensions between Russia and Ukraine that had been simmering for months finally turned into war on Thursday. Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared war on Ukraine. He said the Ukrainian army should lay down its arms and return. Following the report, there were reports of massive explosions in rebel-held Ukraine and the capital, Kiev. According to reports, there were two explosions in Kramatosk. Russian soldiers enter Ukraine via Crimea.

Those who intervened threatened to face dire consequences

Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared military action against Ukraine, saying the war is inevitable. The Russian president also said that countries involved in the issue would face dire consequences. Such results would not have happened in history. He said this dispute is a life and death question for us. Ukraine supports neo-Nazis, which is why we decided to attack it.

What America said

In this context, US President Joy Biden has responded to Russia’s attack. He said Russia was responsible for every casualty caused by the attack. The United States and its allies will soon come up with a plan and Russia will get the answer. Biden said he would monitor the situation from the White House this evening and receive regular notifications from my National Security Council. Tomorrow, I will meet my G7 colleagues in the morning. We will coordinate with our NATO allies.

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