March 25, 2023

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Russia in Japan-Ukraine crisis: Experts warn Tokyo against sinking Russian naval warships with US in waters beyond Japan amid Ukraine crisis

Moscow / Tokyo
Russia, which has stationed 1.5 million troops on the European front, has now sent a warning message to Japan. Russia has stationed 24 warships and warships in the sea near Japan. According to experts, the deployment of weapons of mass destruction with Japan in the midst of the Ukraine crisis is very unusual. He said Moscow had taken this step to encourage the United States if Japan was not involved in imposing sanctions on Russia.

According to experts, this rigorous deployment also shows that Russia has the ability to simultaneously confront enemies on the western and eastern fronts. Russia is said to have a hand in Japan’s sore throat in the Kuril Islands. According to experts, with the deployment of a naval force on such a large scale near Japan, Russia has also given the message that its military is ready to deal with every crisis.

The Russian navy is conducting exercises in the Kuril region

Russia conducts exercises with 24 warships in the Sea of ​​Japan
Japan’s Defense Ministry confirmed on Tuesday that Russia was training with 24 warships in the Sea of ​​Japan. The exercise has been taking place in Russia since February 1. These warships include submarines. According to Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi, Russia has begun the exercise near Ukraine. In fact, Russia wants to show that it can carry out military operations on both sides simultaneously.

James Brown, a Russian affairs expert at Temple University in Tokyo, said: “This Russian deployment is very unusual in terms of time and quantity. Also very dangerous to the operation of warships.
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US Navy nuclear submarine enters Russian waters
We can tell you that the situation in the United States and Russia regarding Ukraine is very tense. While there is a strong siege between Russia and the United States on the western tip of Europe, Biden’s military has intensified its operations on the Eastern Front. The US Navy nuclear submarine entered Russian waters amid a US president’s warning that Russia would launch an attack on Ukraine. This angered Russia.

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Russia’s Defense Ministry says US Virginia nuclear submarine has entered its waters. When the Russian warship told the American submarine to come to the surface, it ignored it. Following this, the Russian Navy took ‘special action’ against the US submarine. Following this action by the Russian Navy, the US submarine immediately fled the Russian waters. Russia, outraged by the incident, called a US defense official and warned against the move. The United States has denied Russia’s allegations.
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Dispute between Russia and Japan over the Kuril Islands
According to Russian media reports, the US submarine sank near the Kuril Islands near Japan. The Russian navy is conducting military exercises in the area these days. The island was occupied by Russia after World War II, but Japan claims it as its own. The United States uses most of its Virginia submarines for anti-submarine warfare and intelligence gathering.