December 1, 2022

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Russia invades Ukraine Maria Vorontsova, daughter of Vladimir Putin Divorce Who is Dutch: Who is Jorid Fossen?

Moscow: Russia’s bombing of Ukraine has also affected Dr. Maria Vorontsova, 36, the eldest daughter of President Vladimir Putin. Yes, the Ukrainian war has shattered Putin’s daughter’s dream of opening an elite medical center in Russia for super-rich foreigners. She (Maria Vorontsova) is reported to have separated from her Dutch businessman husband (Maria Vorontsova). His marriage has broken down. Maria is a physician specializing in rare genetic diseases in children. Both have children. Dr. Maria was born when Russian President Putin was a KGB spy.

Exiled Russian intelligence journalist Sergei Kanev has revealed that Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine has devastated his daughter’s family. Russia has been widely banned by Western powers. “He has a key role to play in the mega project to build a state-of-the-art medical center near St. Petersburg,” he revealed.

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Putin’s daughter had a plan to attract patients from Europe and wealthy sheikhs from the Gulf countries to Russia for treatment. The report said that after the invasion of Ukraine, the people of Europe and the Sheikh would come.

Putin’s eldest daughter’s husband’s name is Jorid Fawcett. Although reports do not say when the husband and wife split up, it is understood they were separated at the start of the war. The details of their children are not public. Fawcett is said to have worked in Russia for a long time. His father was a colonel in the Dutch Armed Forces.

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Putin’s Dutch son – in – law once married a Russian woman and had children. Maria uses her grandmother’s surname Vorontsova. He is the Principal Researcher at the National Center for Endocrinology National Medical Research of the Russian Ministry of Health. Last year, his interview aired on a channel in which he talked about a rare disease that affects children, but did not reveal the identity of Putin’s daughter.

As the corona spread around the world, Russia said it had developed the vaccine very quickly. At the time, Putin said his daughter had also been vaccinated against corona. Vladimir Putin has two daughters. The world knows very little about his personal life. Her daughters’ names in the media are Maria Putina and Yekaterina Mint. The eldest daughter is also known as Maria Vorontsova. She is a doctor, the youngest daughter an acrobatic dancer. Both daughters omitted the father’s family name from their names.