June 8, 2023

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Russia on Pakistan over Ukraine war: Find out why Pakistan is afraid of Russia Ukraine war could affect Pakistan’s economy

Islamabad: The ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine have brought the two old enemies, the United States and Russia, head-on. Traditions such as peace and settlement efforts are now over and both camps are openly preparing for war. This tension could affect other countries such as Pakistan, whose economy is largely dependent on imports from countries such as Russia and the United States. The Pakistani media has reported on how the ongoing tension between Russia and Ukraine will shake Pakistan’s economy.

Russia has said it will not launch an offensive, but Ukraine has more than a million troops on its border. On the other hand, Biden has warned that Russia could attack Ukraine in February. 200 American soldiers reach the Polish city of Lviv amid heavy tensions. These soldiers are training the Ukrainian army to operate rocket launchers and other types of warfare. The flames of this fire between Eastern Europe and the West could come from Pakistan as well.
Russia-Ukraine conflict: US troops come to Ukraine to teach Russia a lesson and train to wreak havoc
Which will the US or Russia or Pakistan choose?
It was a politically and economically tense time for Pakistan. It is difficult for Pakistan to remain neutral in the fast-moving bipolar system of the world. Pakistan’s friendship with Russia is growing so it is impossible not to comment on the matter. He must choose Russia or the United States, which can prove decisive for him.

Pakistan’s currency may depreciate by Rs 200 against the dollar
According to Pakistan’s Tribune website, Pakistan should be prepared for $ 100 a barrel of oil prices. Oil prices have already crossed 90. The Pakistani government is tense as rising oil prices threaten the country’s growth prospects. If exports do not increase without reducing imports, the pressure on the Pakistani currency could increase and the dollar could rise to Rs 200, the report said.

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$ 2 billion could be a setback
The Tribune report says inflationary pressures will be like irreversible toothpaste. Even in a few months, if oil prices rise by $ 10-20, it’s a blow to Pakistan’s reserves of $ 1 to $ 2 billion. It is believed that this will lead to huge losses to Pakistan’s purchasing power.