October 2, 2022

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Russia praised India’s position on the Ukraine crisis

New DelhiRussia on Friday praised India’s balanced and independent stance on the Ukraine crisis. Russia’s statement on India’s position comes in the wake of growing tensions between North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member states and Russia over a country in Eastern Europe (Ukraine). The Russian embassy in New Delhi said, “We welcome India’s balanced, policy and independent stance.”

What did India say? At the United Nations Security Council meeting
Earlier in the day, India had said at a UN Security Council meeting that ‘peaceful and constructive diplomacy’ was the need of the hour and that any move to escalate tensions should be avoided. Thirumurthy on Thursday called on India’s Permanent Representative to the Security Council of the Nations, DS, to immediately reduce tensions.

In Delhi, Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Baxi said India was in favor of reducing tensions immediately and resolving the crisis through continued diplomatic talks.

The view of the world is on the Russia-Ukraine border
Russia has amassed about a million troops near the Ukrainian border. In addition, fears that Russia could launch an offensive against Ukraine have escalated as naval exercises continue to send warships to the Black Sea. US President Joe Biden has repeatedly expressed his fears over Russia’s attacks on Ukraine. However, Russia has denied plans to invade Ukraine.

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