June 9, 2023

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Russia retaliates for sanctions against several US officials, including Biden – Russia bid US sanctions on Ukraine Putin NTC

Highlights of the story

  • The United States has imposed strict sanctions on Russia
  • Biden said the Russian economy would be destroyed

The biggest problem is the restrictions imposed by other countries in the midst of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Many countries, from the United States to Britain, have taken drastic action against Russia. Now the Russian counter-offensive was seen in that act. Russia has imposed sanctions on a number of US officials, including President Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. Not much information has been released about what kind of restrictions are going to be in place now.

Russia’s counter-attack, increased tensions

For information, let us tell you that since the war against Ukraine was waged by President Vladimir Putin, everyone from the United States to the European Union has dealt a huge blow to the Russian economy. Various restrictions were imposed. Whether to close the airspace or stop oil imports from Russia. The move has hit the Russian economy deeply and is expected to cause huge losses. US President Joe Biden has also said that Putin’s Russian economy has been hit hard and that he has isolated himself.

But Russia has also imposed sanctions in response. A major action has been taken directly against President Biden on his behalf. The United States has not yet commented on the move. In this situation, the United States continues to issue warnings. Serious consequences are also being talked about, but Russia has not bowed before or is now in the mood to bow. Shows more confidence in retaliation this time. For this reason, the war with Ukraine dragged on for 20 days. The two countries have not had much success on the field, which has repeatedly come to the negotiating table.

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What is Zhelensky’s position?

President Zhelensky said he was not going to join NATO, but his approach has not been softened. His army is still firmly facing Russia. Zhelensky has said he will not give up until the end and that Russia will retaliate accordingly. Because of this, even after 20 days, the capital Kiev could not be captured by Russia. There are claims that big action will be taken soon, but Ukraine continues to harass the Russian military on the ground.