May 29, 2022

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Russia shelling Ukraine Russian shelling of the eastern Ukrainian city of NTC kills 21

Highlights of the story

  • The war between Russia and Ukraine continues
  • Russia’s missile strike destroys Ukraine!

Russia-Ukraine war: Today marks the 22nd day of war in Ukraine. Russian missiles and rockets are still raining heavily on Ukraine. On the 22nd there were three major attacks in 3 cities. Several explosions took place in the center of the capital, Kiev, at midnight, according to Ukrainian media, and Russian forces opened fire on residential buildings, which are said to be about two and a half kilometers from Rashtrapati Bhavan.

The second attack took place in Kharkiv. The city has already been destroyed, yet Russian rockets are raining down here. Rocket attacks ignite in Kharkiv market. The third major attack took place in Mariupol. Meanwhile, Russian shelling in eastern Ukraine has killed at least 21 people. A local official informed about this.

Meanwhile, the European Space Agency (ESA) says the Russian-European mission to Mars has been postponed due to the war in Ukraine. So far 108 children of Ukraine have been killed in this war with Russia. Ukraine has published this figure. Even before this, Ukraine accused the Russian military of deliberately attacking children.

We can tell you that Ukraine also receives a lot of aid from Britain in the midst of the war with Russia. In this episode, Poland will now be provided with a missile defense system by Britain. Britain has taken this step to protect Poland because the areas where the bombings are currently taking place are very close to Poland.