June 9, 2023

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Russia-Ukraine conflict live updates: Russia vs Ukraine war situation Donetsk and Luhansk, Vladimir Putin, UNSC, Joe Biden, Volodymyr Zhelensky News in Hindi – Russia Ukraine Conflict Live: Britain imposes sanctions on Russia, first phase of sanctions.

08:08 PM, 22-Feb-2022

Western nations are exploring ways to punish Russia over the Ukraine issue

As war erupts in Europe, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s order to send troops to separatist-controlled areas of Ukraine has shocked leaders around the world and seeks to respond more effectively. Germany took the first big step and began the process of discontinuing the certification process for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia. It was a lucrative deal for Moscow and the United States criticized Europe’s growing dependence on Russia’s energy supplies. Western nations say Putin’s actions in Ukraine have violated countless international agreements, and it’s time to move on, as diplomatic words have failed.

07:16 PM, 22-Feb-2022

Ukraine crisis: Johnson tells Russia to impose sanctions

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday that his country would target Russia with the first bombing of sanctions. He warned that President Vladimir Putin was committed to waging a full-scale war against Ukraine. Johnson said sanctions would be imposed immediately for violating international law.

06:33 PM, 22-Feb-2022

Britain imposes sanctions on Russia

Britain has begun announcing tough sanctions on Russia. Under this, Britain first imposed sanctions on five Russian banks. In addition, restrictions have been announced for all three individuals with high net worth.

05:49 PM, 22-Feb-2022

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine should ease: Indian Foreign Secretary

Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardan Shringla’s statement also referred to the Russia-Ukraine problem. “We were very clear at the UN Security Council this morning that tensions should be reduced. The world does not want another conflict. Diplomacy is the only way to find a mutually acceptable solution,” he said. ”

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05:33 PM, 22-Feb-2022

Rising fuel concerns have raised concerns in Europe

Rising fuel prices and fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine have led European leaders to worry about energy security, especially as they have relied on Moscow for decades for natural gas. In 2015 there was talk of setting up an “energy union” to provide cross-border gas and electricity at affordable prices, but so far little progress has been made. Renewables such as solar and wind power are slowing down and running out of other fossil fuels, while Europe is dependent on Russia for its natural gas needs.

04:46 PM, 22-Feb-2022

Rajnath Singh said a solution could be found through US-Russia talks

Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has also reported on the crisis in Ukraine. India wants talks on Ukraine resolved through talks. US President says talks with Russian President.

04:22 PM, 22-Feb-2022

Union Minister Meenakshi Lekie’s statement also mentions the Russia – Ukraine dispute. He said there was no need to fear about Indians trapped in Ukraine. The Government of India has provided advice. Indian citizens contact our embassy.

04:02 PM, 22-Feb-2022

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky has said he is considering severing ties with Russia. With this, he has appealed to all Western countries, including the United States, to ban the North Stream 2 pipeline that starts between Russia and Germany. Significantly, the Nortstream 2 pipeline is economically important to Russia. Find out what the North Stream 2 pipeline is and how sanctions will affect Russia …

02:08 pm, 22-Feb-2022

Europe is also preparing to impose sanctions

The EU is also preparing to impose sanctions following Russia’s recent action in Ukraine. EU Foreign Secretary Joseph Borel has said that the EU’s foreign minister is ready to impose sanctions on Russia over its recognition of the two cities and its deployment of troops into Ukrainian territories.

Afternoon 02:00, 22-Feb-2022

We need to maintain peace through dialogue: Rajnath Singh

The announcement was made by Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh amid ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine. The Defense Minister said that India was in favor of a solution and peace through negotiations. He said he was confident that a solution would be found after talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden. India supports the establishment of international peace.

Afternoon 01:44, 22-Feb-2022

India has asked students to leave Ukraine

The threat of Russian aggression in Ukraine is growing. Meanwhile, India has again appealed to students to leave Ukraine and return to India immediately. It has been said from India that Indian students should start back without waiting for the official announcement about online classes. Additional flights have also been launched from the Indian side to evacuate civilians.

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Afternoon 01:02, 22-Feb-2022

Chhattisgarh government has released the helpline number

Amid the Ukraine-Russia crisis, the state government has issued helpline numbers to evacuate Chhattisgarh people from Ukraine. The government has appointed Ganesh Mishra to help students and other Indian citizens. He is in constant contact with the Government of Ukraine. Helpline 01146156000, Fax -01146156030, Mobile no. 9997060999 Introduced.

12:09 pm, 22-Feb-2022

Additional flights from Kiev to Delhi

In view of the high level of tension in Ukraine, India has decided to operate additional aircraft. According to the Indian Embassy in Ukraine, four flights from Kiev to Delhi will operate on February 25, February 27 and March 6, 2022.

10:23 AM, 22-Feb-2022

Tanks appeared in Britain’s Donetsk, calling for an emergency meeting

Tanks can be seen heading towards Donetsk following Russian President Putin’s order to send troops. According to media reports, the movement of tanks and soldiers was observed in Donetsk. At the same time, in addition to additional Western sanctions, arrangements are being made to deploy more weapons in Kiev. Meanwhile, Britain has called for an emergency COBRA meeting today.