March 25, 2023

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Russia-Ukraine conflict: Putin showed stance – Ukraine should not join NATO – Putin showed stance Ukraine should not join NATO

Highlights of the story

  • Putin said – all options are open to us
  • NATO leader says Russia is ready to launch an attack on Ukraine

Russia-Ukraine conflict: Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is on the rise. On Tuesday, the Russian parliament allowed President Vladimir Putin to use the military outside the country. That means now the chances of war have multiplied. In the midst of the war crisis, Putin has made it clear that Ukraine’s refusal to join NATO is the only solution to the problem. There is nothing better for Ukraine now than this.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that the attack could have been avoided if Ukraine had agreed to these things. Putin stipulated that Ukraine should recognize Crimea as part of Russia internationally. It should also end Ukraine’s NATO membership and immediately stop sending weapons there.

Putin says – Ukraine peace deal is over

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the deployment of troops to Ukraine “depends on the situation on the ground.” Not only this, if Ukraine did not join NATO, all options would be open to us. Putin said the Ukraine peace deal was now over. The Russian Council has backed Putin’s request to send Russian troops abroad.

‘Russia plans to attack’

At the same time, the NATO leader said that Russia was now ready to launch an attack on Ukraine. Plans to launch a massive attack. We tell you that Russia has recognized two states in eastern Ukraine as independent states. A few hours later, 10,000 Russian soldiers entered the eastern part of Ukraine, carrying tanks and armored vehicles.

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The Russian army is sitting in Ukraine

It is noteworthy that Donetsk and Luhansk in eastern Ukraine were already in the possession of Russian supporters. So now the Russian army is moving beyond its borders and sitting inside Ukraine. Thus increasing the risk of war.

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