March 25, 2023

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Russia-Ukraine conflict: Some Russian troops returning to bases near Ukraine: Ministry – Some Russian troops stationed near Ukraine begin to return to bases: Report

Fears of an invasion increased after the Russian military convened on the border with Ukraine (satellite image)

Russia has said it will send some of its troops to bases near the Ukrainian border. This is seen as the first major step in easing tensions in the West over the past few weeks. On Tuesday, Russia said some troops stationed near the Ukrainian border had begun to return to their bases. It is noteworthy that after the Russian army was concentrated on the border with Ukraine, fears of an invasion increased and the world became concerned about this situation. Russian news agencies quoted a Defense Ministry spokesman as saying: They began to be loaded by rail and road transport, and today they will return to their military bases. ,

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US President Joe Biden has warned Russia of “immediate and serious repercussions” if an attack is carried out. Many European countries are still in talks with Russia and are engaged in diplomatic efforts to defuse tensions.

Western leaders see the Russian military structure as the biggest threat to the continent’s security since the Cold War, and have prepared a full set of sanctions if Ukraine is attacked – Russia has repeatedly said – Barr said. Project.

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