January 27, 2023

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Russia-Ukraine conflict: US says – Russia will attack Ukraine on this date, NATO is doing this work to compete – Ukraine Russia war situation Moscow Kiev Joe Biden Putin attack February 16 NTC

Highlights of the story

  • Russia surrounds Ukraine on three sides
  • The two powers talked for hours
  • The United States is threatening Russia with sanctions

Russia-Ukraine conflict: Russia has so far surrounded Ukraine on three sides. Marathon diplomatic and military meetings are being held in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. U.S. intelligence agencies say Russia currently has 1.3 million Russian troops stationed on the Ukrainian border.

On Sunday, US President Joe Biden spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin for about an hour, explaining and warning against any military coup in Ukraine. But the White House says the 60-minute conversation shows no signs of changing.

U.S. intelligence says Russia has sent missiles, air force, navy and special forces to lay siege to Ukraine. In addition, it has adjusted its supply chain in the event of an attack. Russia has also landed 6 warships in the Black Sea. These vessels come in waterfall types, i.e., they are capable of attacking by any medium other than water. With this, there is a huge increase in Russia’s power on the seashore.

When is Russia going to attack

Are now world leader President Joe Biden and his intelligence agencies trying to figure out when Russia is going to attack Ukraine? Russia is very secretive. But US intelligence agencies are also involved in understanding Russia’s plan to the fullest.

The national flag is waved in the Ukrainian capital Kiev (Photo: PTI)

Russia can reach the target on Wednesday, February 16th

A U.S. official has said that Russia could hit its target on Wednesday, February 16, based on intelligence analysis, according to the agency. However, the authority that provided this information did not have the authority to speak to the media on behalf of the US administration. It is not yet clear how clear this intelligence is.

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What is Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline project that the US will stop if it attacks Ukraine?

However, according to another report, Russia is likely to attack China before the end of the Winter Olympics on February 20.

While Russia has war preparations, the United States is making full preparations to defend Ukraine. On Sunday, US President Joe Biden held a 50-minute conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky. According to the White House, Joe Biden has assured Ukraine that if Russia attacks Ukraine, the United States, along with its allies, will respond quickly and forcefully.

The Ukrainian woman was given security training by soldiers. (Photo-PTI)

Biden has said that Russia’s attack on Ukraine will result in tougher sanctions on Moscow and NATO retaliation. According to the White House, the United States and Ukraine have agreed on a strategy of prevention and diplomacy. That is, diplomatic talks with Russia will continue, but both the United States and Ukraine will increase their military readiness.

Arrangements are in full swing in Ukraine as well (Photo-PTI)

Ukraine receives weapons from Nota

President Zhelensky has warned Ukraine’s citizens not to fear anything that could weaken their economy. At the same time, Zhelensky, along with his defense experts, continues to be involved in the shipment of weapons from the United States and other NTAO countries. Meanwhile, Zhelensky is also looking at Russian products from its sources. If you or anyone else has more information about the 100% Russian offensive that starts on the 16th, send us that information.