March 25, 2023

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Russia-Ukraine crisis explained Putin US-led sanctions Pakistan News: Is the Ukraine-Russia conflict starting World War II? The challenge for India is no less

New Delhi: Tensions between Ukraine and Russia are currently high. Will the fight start? Will Russia’s decision to send troops to the Donetsk (DPR) and Lukansk regions of eastern Ukraine be the start of the next world war? Or, Vladimir Putin, angered by Ukraine’s decision to join NATO, wants to send a message to Europe and the United States about a security deal with NATO. In fact, Russia sent a draft agreement to NATO late last year and asked Western nations to consider an agreement on security guarantees in Europe. So does Russia want to do this on its own terms as part of a strategy?

The world watched as Putin addressed a direct meeting with top Russian security officials. US and EU sanctions may have been limited because Russian troops are currently in Moscow-controlled territory. Russia is already on high alert and the United States is waiting for Russia to take further provocative action. In fact, no one wants to take this stage to the next level. As such, the meeting between US Secretary of State Antoine Blingen and Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Lavrov this week has been canceled due to international concern.

Russia’s action shows that Russia is not serious about pursuing a diplomatic course to resolve the current crisis. That is why I canceled my meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Thursday. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to recognize the independence of Ukraine’s Donbass region is a violation of international law.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen

Sanctions on Russia!
Increased tensions could affect the entire world, including India. Some possibilities are of more concern. Russia is risking its declining economy and power because of possible sanctions. After that it would become a humiliating situation for him. According to reports, the Ukrainian people are more united than ever and want to oust Russia.

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What can Putin do in the Black Sea?
But Russia can inflict massive damage without attacking. It could have an impact not only in Ukraine but also in Eastern and Central Europe. Supply chains could be affected if tensions rise in the Black Sea region. Russia targeted Ukraine’s power grid in 2015, and last week saw massive cyber attacks. These attacks can happen in other countries as well. The Moscow submarine could cut off internet cables and bring communications around the world to its knees. Not only this, we can see the recession in the export of wheat and other grains from Ukraine-Russia.

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News to ChinaAmerica will give
On the other hand, the United States, which has forgotten its painful withdrawal from Afghanistan, is showing its attitude towards the Russian invasion. Through this he intends to send a message to China as well. In fact, the United States wants to warn China that it should withdraw from its actions in Taiwan by the example of Ukraine. At the same time, the United States wants to be Europe’s key security guarantee.

What can America do?
Due to its economic power and dollar position, the United States may impose a number of sanctions on Russia, including a major move to exempt Russia from the global SWIFT tariff system. In addition, its CAATSA ban could create problems for non-NATO countries. But if tensions escalate, US President Joe Biden will lose a lot politically. The imposition of sanctions will push up oil prices and worsen the situation in the United States, which is already plagued by inflation.

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US and Western sanctions could have far-reaching consequences around the world. France, Germany, Hungary and Poland all have their own interests. As tensions escalate, European oil prices will reach $ 100 a barrel and Russia will lose the energy crisis if the North Stream breaks or Russia cuts off its gas supply.

Now understand the concept of India and the angle of Pakistan
If we talk about India, a different situation has arisen. On Monday, the UN. In its report to the Security Council, India did not mention the word ‘regional integrity’, which is a fixed line that is repeated when it comes to China’s BRI program through PoK. Some in India and Russia say Putin does not want to allow his neighbors to create ‘another Pakistan’. But Russia is doing what Pakistan has been doing in Afghanistan. India will also be affected if oil prices rise. If there are complete restrictions, a difficult situation will arise for India. India’s energy interests in relation to Russia may be affected and New Delhi will find it difficult to obtain US KATA exemption.

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Aggression on a sovereign nation is not supported in India because there is anger over China’s encroachment on Indian territory. India’s foreign policy may have been different so far, but India needs to say something to move Moscow forward.

What are the current circumstances?

The Russian parliament has approved the deployment of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s army outside the country. In this context, tensions between Moscow and the West over Ukraine have escalated. In response, US President Joe Biden and European leaders imposed sanctions on Russian big business and banks. Both Pita and Putin have indicated that the stalemate could increase. Putin is ready to attack Ukraine with half a million troops, and Biden has not yet imposed sanctions that could cause economic damage to Russia.
(The author is an expert in foreign affairs)

The crisis in Ukraine
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