February 4, 2023

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Russia-Ukraine Crisis Live: Russia’s Ukraine War Crisis Live News Updates in Hindi: Ukraine’s Foreign Minister urges the world to act immediately as Europe’s future and the world are in danger – Russia-Ukraine Crisis Live: Second Day of Russian Operation in Ukraine, Multiple Missile Attacks; The tense country is also conducting counter-attacks

Russia to live in Ukraine war: Meanwhile, the UN Security Council is expected to vote on Friday on a resolution condemning Russia for attacking Ukraine. In addition, the plan calls for the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops.

Ukraine Russia Crisis LIVE Updates: Today (February 25, 2022) is the second day of Russia’s military operation against Ukraine. There, as President Putin’s country moves towards Ukraine, the country continues to carry out airstrikes. At the same time, troubled Ukraine is not ready to bow down under any circumstances. It has been made clear that from the President of Ukraine to the General, they will not bow down. They will fight. However, Ukraine has stated to itself the peaceful stance adopted by NATO, the United States and the rest of the world during this time of crisis.

Meanwhile, there are reports that Ukraine’s Kerson has been captured by Russia. The media has reported that the military has also hoisted their country’s flag. Earlier, more than 35 missile strikes were reported in the capital, Kiev, within 40 minutes. Thus panic prevails among the people. Also, the mayor of the city of Lviv in western Ukraine has appealed to the people not to come out. They stay in their homes.

At the same time, at 4.30 am (Ukrainian time), an airstrike was carried out on a residential building in the capital, Kiev. Meanwhile, the news channel APP News quoted the mayor of Kiev as saying that two buildings in Kiev had caught fire and three people had been injured. Before that, an explosion was heard throughout the night. Ukraine has a martial law under which people can only go out at certain times.

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Meanwhile, reports have emerged that the city of Konodab has been cordoned off. Biden said Putin had chosen “this war” in Ukraine and that he and Russia would “bear the consequences” of the new sanctions.

At the same time, Indo-US legislator Raja Krishnamurthy said on Thursday that democracies around the world would stand shoulder to shoulder in the face of authoritarian military action and that Russia would receive no protection from its “unnecessary war” in Ukraine.

He said Russian President Vladimir Putin had chosen to carry out an “unjust, unprovoked and premeditated attack.” Krishnamurthy said the United States must stand with the Ukrainian people in defending their homeland, their right to independence and their sovereignty from Russia during this foolish war with Russia.

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Russia intensifies offensive in Ukraine Get second-hand live updates on the latest controversy here:

We tell you that in the midst of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, EU leaders have agreed to impose further economic and financial sanctions on Russia after a meeting that lasted about six hours. The head of the EU Council accused Russia of making “false and useless excuses” to justify its occupation of Ukraine and said sanctions would hurt the Russian government. The bill is expected to be finalized overnight and submitted to EU foreign ministers for approval on Friday.

Ursula von der Leyen, chairman of the European Commission, said it was targeting 70 percent of the Russian banking market and key state-owned enterprises. He said Russia’s energy sector would also be targeted, making it “impossible to upgrade its refineries”. The sale of software and semiconductors to Russia will also be banned.

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