January 27, 2023

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Russia-Ukraine crisis: Many countries are proposing sanctions, is Russia going to bow? – Ukraine Russia Crisis USA UK Strategy Control Analysis NTC

Highlights of the story

  • Russia is not ready to bow, the military is getting ready
  • US-UK sanctions help Ukraine

War warnings have been sounded between Russia and Ukraine. Putin’s military has taken over, and now the United States and European countries do not have much choice or time. Putin has decided … either Ukraine should drop ties with NATO, or be prepared to face war. Is this ‘do not bend’ attitude of Russia broken now? How will the whole world beat Russia to expand?

There is no permanent answer to this question, but if you look at the steps of the big countries, the ‘ban’ could prove to be a big step. Sanctions in war and diplomacy … an explosive, invisible weapon, but the effect is far-reaching and long-lasting. The United States and European nations have imposed similar sanctions on Russia over sanctions. This is also a country like Russia … if it vows revenge … it is preparing for war beyond sanctions. Today we need to understand whether sanctions imposed on Russia can prevent war. For this it is necessary to look at the list of sanctions.

What sanctions have been imposed on Russia so far?

US bans 2 Russian banks … VEB and Military Bank. In addition, Russia’s sovereign debt is banned. Sovereign debt is a measure of a country’s debt repayment capacity and reliability. Based on this, the economic and trade potential of a country in the international market is determined. The effect of the US sanctions on the banks is small, but if this scope increases, it will have a detrimental effect on Russia’s banking business worldwide and the Russian economy will suffer, so Russia will have to bail them out. Banks.

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Apart from this, the US may stop trading in Luhansk and Donetsk, which are occupied by pro-Russian rebels, and many American companies do business in these two areas. In addition to the United States, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced sanctions against five Russian banks and three major employers.

It is important to know here that three of Russia’s biggest businessmen, Gennady Timchenko, Boris Rottenberg and Igor Rottenberg, play a key role in Russia’s economy. Russia’s three billionaires have been banned, according to Boris Johnson. His assets in the UK will be frozen and he will be barred from coming to the UK.

In addition, Germany has suspended work with Russia on the launch of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline … to supply natural gas from Russia to Germany. Russia … even Europe’s largest natural gas supplier … supplies about 33 percent of Russia’s gas, but the embargo will cause Russia huge economic losses. On the other hand, rising gas prices in Europe.

Will Russia surrender or fight?

But Russia has not backed down despite these sanctions. Recent satellite images show more than a hundred military vehicles and dozens of Russian military tents in southern Belarus near the Ukrainian border. Russia has also built a helipad in the Moyzer region, which borders Ukraine and Belarus. Very close to the Ukrainian border in western Russia is a new Russian military field hospital in these satellite images. In addition, the Russian army now has two lakh troops stationed on three sides of Ukraine. As a last resort, Putin has offered the United States and the West a last chance to end the war.

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This is why Ukraine is still standing against Russia at the mercy of the United States and NATO, but it knows that if Russia attacks, the Ukrainian military will have to respond.