March 25, 2023

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Russia-Ukraine crisis: News of Russian invasion Two soldiers killed in Eastern Europe Russia accuses Ukraine of shelling Russian territory

Moscow / Kiev: The threat of war between Ukraine and Russia (Russia-Ukraine crisis) continues to increase. Meanwhile, news broke on Saturday that two bombs had been dropped in the Russian region near the Ukrainian border. Russia’s Central Security Service (FSB) has confirmed the news. The reports come at a time when there are ongoing bombings and shootings in Russian-backed rebel-occupied Ukraine. The news came on Saturday that two Ukrainian soldiers had been killed in a shelling attack in eastern Ukraine. Fearing an attack, the rebels ordered their army to mobilize.

On Saturday, two bombs were dropped in Russia’s Rostov region near the Ukrainian border, a law enforcement agency reported, Sputnik said. The FSB, or the Border Patrol of the Russian Federal Security Service, has confirmed that two bombs were fired in the Russian Rostov region on Saturday. FSB also shared a video of the aftermath of the shelling. Russia’s intelligence agency has launched a criminal investigation into a shelling attack on Russian territory from Ukraine.
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Russia has blamed the shelling
The group said unidentified individuals fired several rocket-propelled grenades into the border areas of the Rostov region on Saturday morning in Ukrainian territory. No casualties were reported to the public, however. Reports say the scene is still being investigated. Ukraine, on the other hand, has denied Russia’s allegations. “We strongly condemn all allegations that Ukraine fired on Russian territory,” he said.

Ukraine has denied the allegations
According to Dmitro Kuleba, Ukraine has never had such a shooting. We demand an immediate and impartial international inquiry into the incidents reported by the Russian media. On Saturday, two Ukrainian soldiers were killed in a shelling attack in eastern Ukraine. Tensions have been high for the past few days in the region, which has been occupied by Russian-backed rebels. The rebels and the Ukrainian army continue to attack each other with mortar bombs.

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Germany tells citizens to leave ‘immediately’
Amid the unrest in Ukraine, Germany is urging its citizens to leave Ukraine “immediately”. Earlier, Biden had asked his citizens to leave Ukraine, and the Indian embassy offered a consultation. A separatist leader in eastern Ukraine has ordered a full military mobilization amid growing fears of aggression. Denis Bushil, head of the Russian-backed separatist government in the Donetsk region, announced a full-scale military mobilization on Saturday and urged members of the Reserve Force to come to the military registry office.
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The rebels announced a full military mobilization
The move comes in the wake of recent outbreaks of violence between Ukrainian forces and Russian-backed rebels. Western nations have feared that Moscow could be attacked in the guise of violence. Separatist officials in Donetsk and Luhansk announced on Friday that they were sending women, children and the elderly to neighboring Russia. These efforts immediately followed a series of bombings in rebel-held areas. The separatist conflict in eastern Ukraine began in 2014 and killed more than 14,000 people.