January 27, 2023

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Russia-Ukraine crisis: Russia shows strength through nuclear weapons training, Russian navy enters Black Sea … Ukraine crisis deepens – Russia Ukraine conflict updates Russian military nuclear training Belarus Black Sea military exercise ntc

Highlights of the story

  • 1.50 lakh Russian soldiers on the border with Ukraine
  • Weapons and equipment with soldiers
  • Ukraine invites Russia for talks

Russia-Ukraine conflict updates: The threat of war between Russia and Ukraine continues to grow. US President Joe Biden fears Russia could attack Ukraine at any time. He also fears that Russia may launch an attack on the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. Russia, meanwhile, is conducting nuclear weapons training in Belarus. The Russian Navy also engaged in training in the Black Sea.

Russia has surrounded Ukraine from three sides, the news agency reported. More than 1.50 lakh soldiers are stationed at its border. It was reported some time ago that 1 lakh soldiers had been mobilized. A few days ago, Russia announced the withdrawal of troops from the Ukrainian border, but the number of Russian troops there is increasing instead of decreasing. Russia has also stationed fighter jets, military vehicles and equipment on the border with Ukraine.

Russia and Belarus are considered close. Belarus shares border with Ukraine. The maneuvers of the Russian soldiers have been going on here for several days. According to reports, there are about 30,000 Russian soldiers in Belarus. On Saturday, Russia also conducted a nuclear weapons test in Belarus. As a war-like situation develops between the two countries, the conduct of nuclear weapons training further increases this risk.


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The President of Ukraine has invited Russia for talks

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In the midst of this tension, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky has invited Russia for talks. He said the two leaders should sit down and decide where Russia should resolve the dispute. He told an international security conference in Munich, Germany, on Saturday that Ukraine would continue to work to resolve the dispute peacefully through diplomacy. However, he said there was no response from Russia.

“Does Russia really want to talk?” He said that if the military occupation continued, we would impose a number of sanctions on Russia.

The evacuation of people on the border with Ukraine began

Russia has begun evacuating people living near the Ukrainian border. People are being evicted from Donetsk along the Ukrainian border and sent to Russia. According to the news agency, 7 lakh people have been issued passports so far. Donetsk is said to be occupied by Russian-backed separatists.

Authorities here say the Ukrainian military has been carrying out attacks for the past several days, killing two civilians. However, the Ukrainian military has ordered no retaliation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced a financial aid package of 10,000 rubles (approximately 10,000 rupees) for each evicted citizen.