November 28, 2022

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Russia-Ukraine crisis: US says Russia has deployed 7,000 troops on Ukraine border, but is said to be retreating

New Delhi: On Wednesday evening, the United States blamed Russian forces for increasing the number of troops on the Ukrainian border to about 7,000 in recent days. This contradicts Moscow’s claims that Russia is withdrawing troops from the Ukrainian border. In addition to the United States, Britain’s head of defense intelligence, Jim Hockenhall, has said that Russia is increasing its military capabilities along the Ukrainian border.

According to a CNN report, a senior U.S. official said the increase belied Russia’s claim to withdraw troops. “We now have indications that Russia is willing to talk publicly about withdrawing troops from the Ukrainian border, but on the other hand it is secretly mobilizing for war,” the official said.

False excuses can be made for the attack
The senior official again warned that Russia could launch an attack using false pretenses, including allegations of NATO action or infiltration into Russian territory. “We should expect more false news from the Russian state media in the coming days. We do not know what form the false excuse will take. But we hope the world is ready,” the official said.

There is no evidence that Russia withdrew its troops
According to Reuters, Jim Hawkenhall, Britain’s head of security intelligence, has said he has no evidence that Russia has withdrawn troops from the Ukrainian border. Contrary to its claims, Russia continues to maintain military capabilities to Ukraine. This includes the movement of additional armored vehicles, helicopters and field hospital towards the borders of Ukraine. There are plenty of Russian soldiers to attack Ukraine.

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No signs of depression
NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has said that despite Russia’s signal that diplomacy should continue, there is no sign of easing tensions on the Russia-Ukraine border. The army did not return. Stoltenberg said tensions between Russia and Ukraine were the biggest security crisis in Europe in decades, and that NATO was ready for talks and that it was not too late for Russia to step back from the brink of conflict and choose the path of peace.

Joe Biden warns Russia
Russia said on Tuesday that some troops were returning to its military base to take part in military exercises. However, Russia did not provide details on the withdrawal. US President Joe Biden (Joe Biden) also said that we do not know if the Russian army is returning to our own base. Our researchers point out that the potential for danger still exists.

Joe Biden has warned Russia that he does not want a confrontation with Russia and that a Russian attack on the United States in Ukraine could lead to retaliation. Biden said, “We are ready for a decisive retaliation for the Russian attack on Ukraine. The Russian offensive is even more probable. We do not want a direct confrontation with Russia, but if Russia, Ukraine, is targeting the Americans, we are forced to respond.”

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