November 30, 2022

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Russia-Ukraine crisis: War reaches zero amid fears

As tensions rise on the border between Ukraine and Russia, the eyes of the world are now on Putin. What will be Putin’s next move? Until yesterday, Russia had been advertising that it had reduced its troop numbers and military equipment, but the United States called it a “white” lie like Ukraine’s ice battlefield. The White House says Putin has stationed 7,000 additional troops at the border.

Russia’s military action visible in satellite images is worrying. Military activity has risen sharply in Belarus, Crimea and western Russia. A pontoon bridge over the Pripiat River in Belarus is suddenly visible. The construction of this bridge has deep meaning. The distance from here to the Belarus-Ukraine border is only a few kilometers. Obviously, in the event of an attack, this could prove to be a strategic advantage. Not only are weapons and military equipment being stabilized, but field hospitals are also being built. These are all signs of attack and readiness for war.

The EU is also closely monitoring the situation, as there is a huge difference between Putin’s words and actions. On the other hand, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zhelensky has calculated Ukraine’s maneuvers to boost the morale of his military. There is also a meeting of 15 members of the United Nations on the tension between Ukraine and Russia. Everything is happening so fast, this development is going to have an impact around the world.

Russia’s military meeting on Ukraine border on February 15 and 16 Images released by US satellite imagery company Maxar show that Russia’s military operations on the border with Belarus, Crimea and Western Russia are still ongoing. In these satellite images, Russian warplanes, tank-artillery, ammunition, and military positions are clearly visible on the border with Ukraine. These pictures show that the war between Russia and Ukraine is not over yet.

The Ukrainian military says more than 40,000 Russian troops and pro-Russian separatist forces are stationed on the Ukrainian border. That is, the world is not yet ready to believe Russia’s claims because there is a big difference between Russia’s words and actions and this difference is visible in satellite images as well. Russia’s claims on the Ukraine border do not match its objectives.

Leave the world, Ukraine is also deeply skeptical of Russia’s intentions and the reason for this skepticism is the difference between Russia’s words and deeds, which is again entangled in satellite images. The first image obtained from a satellite on the Ukraine border against Russia was the Pribiat River, which connects Belarus and Ukraine. Photos show that a new military pontoon bridge has been built over the past 48 hours on this river, 6 km from the Belarus-Ukraine border. Through this bridge the Russian army will be able to enter Ukraine in the blink of an eye via Belarus.

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The second picture shows Russian helicopter units stationed in the forward position of Belarus on the Ukrainian border, ready to attack Ukraine at any moment. Satellite images from February 15 show that there are at least 18 combat helicopters here.

The third picture is of the Brest region on the border with Ukraine, where the deployment of Russian artillery has increased rather than decreased. A new and larger field hospital on the border with Ukraine is also visible on satellite images. All three images were released by US-based satellite image provider Maxar. This calls into question Russia’s claim that it has withdrawn troops from the Ukrainian border. At the same time, it confirms Ukraine’s claim that Russia has withdrawn only a handful of soldiers. Russian weapons are still in stock on the border.

Russia’s deployment of troops, missiles and warships around Ukraine has been called the worst crisis in Europe since the end of the Cold War, and NATO nations have stepped up their military strategy to deal with it. A section of the US military has landed in Poland to strengthen it. The Ukrainian military is also preparing to retaliate against Russia’s attack, and President Zhelensky has tested the military’s readiness.

But, whether it is the United States or NATO, Russia reacts as if it does not care about anyone, but Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes fun of NATO. Russia claims that the United States has deceived Ukraine by showing NATO membership. Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned Ukraine to stop dreaming of joining NATO. But if Ukraine decides to join NATO, Russia has already made its preparations, so the siren of Russian aggression on Ukraine continues to sound.

About 100 Russian battalions with air defense, artillery and other equipment are stationed on the Ukrainian border with Russia and Belarus. Each regiment has about 1000 soldiers. The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has been linked to intelligence agencies in various countries using commercial satellites to link military equipment and movements linking open source intelligence systems. The Russian military has been conducting major operations since November 2021 in Yelnia, 125 km from the border with Belarus and Russia. Satellite photos taken in late January showed that a large number of players began to live in high-tech heated tents because the tops of these tents did not freeze, i.e. deployment was increasing.

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The European Space Agency’s satellite Sentinel-1 will film a part of Europe every 6 days. Because of this, it is an idea of ​​whether or not motion occurred when vehicles were undetected and satellite radar waves collided with man-made structures. Analysis of European satellite data revealed that between January 23, 2022 and February 11, 2022, Russian troops were sent in large numbers from Yelenia to the Ukrainian border.

In February, the number of soldiers in the Novuzernoe camp in the Crimea suddenly increased. A large camp suddenly formed around an old and unused airport in the Crimea itself, and Russia was heavily stationed on the northern border, and Russia tightened its grip on Ukraine from all three directions, north, south and east. Areas where Russia has stationed troops. Some of them are such areas as 25 kilometers from the Ukrainian border. In such a situation, Putin may try to show that he has begun to withdraw troops, but the United States considers that Russia is withdrawing its forces under a special strategy. In fact, it is in a position to attack Ukraine at any moment.

Russia’s words and intentions on the border with Ukraine present a different picture, but what do the Ukrainian public think about Russia’s invasion? Aaj Tak’s team arrives in Ukraine for ground reporting on the war in the capital, Kiev. Taking the situation there and talking to the people of Ukraine, it is surprising that despite such a huge Russian military presence on the border with Ukraine, the situation in Kiev is normal. Careless.

The situation on the border with Ukraine is going to call for war, but reaching the Ukrainian capital Kiev, the Russian attack on Ukraine does not seem to be such a big threat. Aaj Tak’s group reached the famous Ground Square in Kiev, where unprecedented protests against the Ukrainian government took place in 2013. Once here, Ukraine does not seem to be in such big trouble.

The Aaj Tak group, which roamed the Kiev capital, Kiev, did not find anyone continuing to speculate on the possibility of a Russian attack on Ukraine. The world may think that Russia is a reason for attacking Ukraine, but the Ukrainian people do not see such a reason.

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Fear of Russia’s attack on Ukraine was not found in the minds of the people in Kiev or in the streets of Kiev. Everything is normal there as usual. Hotels are open and people are having fun in pubs. The streets are bustling. When you come here you will realize that the world feels the danger of war in vain.

In Kiev everything seems normal, but in Ukraine there is no fear anywhere. You can feel the tension when you arrive at the Kiev airport. People are fleeing Ukraine for fear of a Russian attack. Ukraine’s civilians are taking up arms training amid the threat of war with Russia. Civilians and their soldiers are conducting military exercises with fake weapons. During the attack, first aid training was conducted to bring the wounded out of the war zone, and older women were also involved in the exercise. That is, even if the citizens of Ukraine realize that Russia will not attack their country, if this happens, they must defend their own country.

There have been mixed reactions in Ukraine to Russia’s attack. People still believe that Russia can not be attacked, but history shows that Russia will not back down from attacking Ukraine for its own interests. Russia did this in eastern Ukraine in 2014, when Russia invaded Ukraine to occupy Crimea in eastern Ukraine, killing 14,000 Ukrainians and displacing 1.4 million people. U.S. intelligence agencies now say that if Russia invades Ukraine, between 25,000 and 50,000 Ukrainian civilians could be killed. In addition, it is feared that between 5,000 and 25,000 Ukrainian soldiers will be killed in the war. The report said that one million to five million Ukrainian citizens could be displaced by Russia’s attacks.

The size of the Ukrainian army before the Russian army is very small, but Ukraine has decided that it will retaliate if Russia enters Ukraine, for which the Ukrainian army and civilians are preparing for war. Although Russia’s motives may seem different, I hope Russia does not attack Ukraine.

(Input – Rajesh Pawar)

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